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YOU Ride the WEG X-Country Course on Henny!

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Peter Atkins sports a helmet-cam so you and I can see what it’s really like to take those god awful jumps on a four star eventing course. Some of the most amazing 12 minutes I have ever spent in my life!!!

Registered Name: Henry Jota Hampton
(HJ Carapalida—Napoi Honorable)
Chestnut. g., 16 hands, 9 years, Argentine Sport Horse
Rider: Peter Atkins (AUS)
Henry is a 9 year old Selle Francais from Argentina.

Here’s what his rider says:

My goal was to make life fun for him again and to get him to relax and enjoy his work. When I first got him it was an ordeal to trot the five minutes up the dirt road to the dressage ring. It would take me half an hour to get there because every change of color on the road, puddles, shadows from the power lines was cause for him to hit panic mode.

And this:

Although he is one of the bravest XC horses I have ever had he is still scared of his own shadow when he isn’t competing.

His website is:

His human, Peter Atkins set it up and creates these helmetcam views of the courses they ride to help fund their campaigning. They are a courageous pair that I think are realizing dreams because of Mr. Atkins positive outlook on this horse.

“Like” him on Facebook here.


Crass Meets Class

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I am a crass person. I admit that. I have no couth sometimes. I find it easy to access my inner 9 year old when it comes to humor is what I’m saying. So when I started to catch sight of some of the para-equestrians competing in the WEG this week what occurred to me was along the lines of “Oh goodie, a sport I’ll be able to compete in when my rather thick-skulled Paint finally finishes me off.”. Or maybe I’ll succumb to my mini’s whacking me in the knees sending me into a wheelchair that way. In any case I found the humor in my own pathetic riding inabilities, all the accidents my equestrian friends have endured over the years and connected the dots that way. Remember – I have no tact. And then I saw them:

And started hearing the stories of so many of these amazing riders. These are people who have found rejuvenated hope on the backs of some of the kindest most caring creatures humans have ever partnered with. These courageous souls and their unbelievably kindhearted and talented mounts redefine what inspiration can be. They’re being tested in ways I can only imagine and they are surpassing expectations on every level.

These riders are better than I will ever be despite their circumstances. Their grace, their technique, their acumen as equestrians — as human beings – as fellow horselovers — has redefined for me what horsemanship can be. I am moved. I am inspired. I am so very proud of each and every one of these beautiful and capable participants. I say Bravo! Come see them. Here’s how.

X-country day at the WEG

Posted in World Equestrian Games with tags , , on October 2, 2010 by martimu

Anticipation is mounting here at the horse park as the crowds stream in to witness the controlled flight if horse and rider over a course designed to test them both to the very brink of their abilities. It seems as though no photograph ever does justice to the challenges these fences and obstacles pose. Some are taller than me and wider than buses. I wish the test rider would wear a helmet cam so we could all see it as it truly is. Scary.

A Brilliant Day to Witness WEG Wonder

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Can stallions be ridden in a controlled manner that highlights their strengths without compromising their wild inner core? After what I saw today in the main arena at the World Equestrian Games from the pair of Edward Gal (his Facebook Page is here) and his mount Moorlands Toltilas the answer is a resounding YES! As this duo performs I find I have to force myself to breath. And when I do I realize maybe a whole minute has gone by. When they dance time stands still. Look them up on YouTube – I would post video if I was able to collect it from where I stand – but I can’t and anyway I’m too busy watching, absorbing to actually film anyway.

(In case you’re wondering, no I didn’t take the footage nor do I speak – Rsuusian? Polish? I’m just a hick American I can’t even tell the diff. Ok carry on with the post…)

The weather was gorgeous and the crowds happy and full of friendship. These Games are the most fun a horselover could hope to have. If you’re at all able to get here – drop everything and do so. You will NOT regret it. Every rider and horse is A+ level and then some. You will inspired no matter what your favorite discipline. Why? Because horse lovers can appreciate excellence in horsemanship whenever it presents itself to us. And the WEG are chock full of top notch equines and equus practitioners of every style, every form, every color. You will be inspired. You may be amazed. You will probably learn stuff and you will be surrounded by people as nutty about these creatures as you are. Maybe nuttier and how cool is that!? These are YOUR people! This is your tribe! Come to them – they want to meet you. WE want to see you here!

Excellence to the Max

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Today I witnessed excellence from the vantage point awarded to those willing to rake the corners of a gloriously prepared arena fast moving tractors can’t get to. I saw horses and riders from around the world in partnerships that were so finely tuned it is no wonder fine watch maker Rolex aligns its image to such pairs.

I am excited to see what tomorrow brings. Today I saw the Netherlands come in first place overall. The united states got fourth. I saw a man and a horse perform these moves that quite frankly hushed the crowd with utter awe for their seven minutes of artistic and athletic gorgeousness. I’ll be eloquent later. For now I just say good night and may some day my horse and I know a whoa as solid as the one I saw today before those two even got started. Gotta dream!!

Free Shuttles During WEG

Posted in World Equestrian Games with tags , on September 17, 2010 by martimu

ShuttleFRANKFORT, Ky.– Governor Steve Beshear today announced that visitors to the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games who pay to park on the Kentucky Horse Park grounds can catch a free shuttle that will take them directly to the front entry of the park. Shuttles will also take visitors back to the parking area when they leave the park.

The free shuttle service will be provided by the World Games 2010 Foundation, with support from Affiliated International Ministries (AIM), for both spectators and those who need mobility assistance to the main entry of the Games.  Within the Games grounds, mobility shuttles will assist spectators in need of assistance in traveling between the various venues.  These golf cart shuttles will be available for pick up outside of each venue and will be able to accommodate wheelchairs.

“The World Games 2010 Foundation has worked with many local and state agencies to ensure that visitors to the park have a comfortable and enjoyable experience at the Kentucky Horse Park during this very exciting international event,” Gov. Beshear said. “Once inside the gate, spectators will have many opportunities to walk from one event or attraction to the next. By providing to-the-door service from the paid parking, visitors will arrive at the gate in comfort.”

The Games parking lot shuttle program is supported by AIM, a local community organization.  AIM has 50 volunteer drivers who will operate shuttles each of the 16 days of WEG. The vans and small buses that will be used to transport visitors are being donated for use during the games by area churches. Shuttles will begin running at 7 a.m. each day until at least 11 p.m. each evening or as late as needed, according to AIM’s Larry Martin.

“Providing ministries during the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games was natural since AIM has been working for many years with more than 25 ongoing equestrian ministries throughout Kentucky,” said Martin.

For more information about the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games visit For more information about AIM, visit


Celebrating Horses Art Car

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art car rear

Good Luck!

What with the crazy economy and all selling art has become a bit more of a challenge than it usually is, but that hasn’t stopped my creative flow. At all. For almost twenty years I have driven an “art car”. This can mean a lot of things. To some it means I drive a vehicle with a lowered value by having messed with the original finish. To others it suggests I’ve turned a mundane, every-day object into a rolling gallery. To me it means I get to drive something different and can get a new car (sort of) just by changing the paint job!


The pony on top goes up for special occassions

Which is what I did recently to celebrate my personal love of horses and to spiff up for the impending World Equestrian Games coming to Lexington, Kentucky, where I live. Because this is The Decade of the Unicorn I’ve got one highlighted on the driver’s side. But I think Pegasus is a grand influence especially on a vehicle that’s taking me places so he’s on the hood. But you know, a pink pony tells the world I know who I am – and it ain’t being macho, lol.



If you happen to be coming to Lexington and you see us (me and the car, I mean) let us know you’re there or have stopped by! And May The Horse Be With You!

pink pony

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