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Posted in Trainers/Clinicians, World Equestrian Games with tags , , on October 10, 2010 by martimu

So it’s come down to the final two hours at the World Equestrian Games. I couldn’t bring myself to attend the closing ceremony. I hate goodbyes. It would depress me to see all the clinicians, exhibitors and trade fair participants closing up. I will miss them and when they’ve had time to recoup from the energy they spent getting and being here for 16 days I hope they come out happy to have been a significant part of this amazing experience. I know not all made a ton of money, but the thing about exhibitions of whatever size and caliber with the right attitude there is never a ‘bad show’. Connections were made throughout these games that will last a lifetime.

So let the final pomp and circumstance unfold and let Normandy France step up and claim these reins. I think as this first ever American world horse party comes to a close just as soon as people catch up on their sleep, reclaim their calendars and unpack their travel bags they will be filled with a warm and satisfying glow. They will reflect on the people they met, the sights they saw and the absolute stellar performances of the athletes they witnessed. For many of us this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime happening and we will review our keepsakes, potos and memories for years to come. For others the quick march of four years’ preparation will flow quickly and before they know it they’ll be repeating and surpassing their performances here in new ways in France.

And to all of us all I say bravo!

And for the record I have more info, images and video to assemble and post so WegWag will live on at least for the next little while as we all wind down from this whirlwind world class set of wonders.

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