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Looks Familiar – A Little Too Familiar?

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See comments section below – The HorseMania Artist Responds!

Original Post

You be the judge……
I submitted a design proposal for one of the fiberglass horses to be featured around Lexington during the WEG. It was based on the paint job I did for my mini horse’s trailer. Here, look:

Moments ago I logged into the media section of the Alltech site (them being the main sponsor of the WEG) and discovered a photo of their own official Alltech Horse Mania horse stationed in their main venue presentation apparently. I’m asking you, does it remind you at all of anything else you just saw? Yeah, me too.


This photo was submitted with my design proposal...



  • Black background? Check.
  • Bright roundy multi-color flowers? Check.
  • Bright green leafy stems? Check.


The Official Alltech Art Horse


I think I know where they drew their inspiration from for this. Here’s the thing: Alltech is headquartered in my own town of Nicholasville, Kentucky. My car and trailer drive around town with some regularity. I’m about as local of an artist as you could hope! They’ve laid out millions of dollars for this crazy extravaganza – why ever would they scrimp on this good-will cultural icon? And what makes whoever authorized this think I wouldn’t find out? If this is a coincidence then it’s a nutty one. If it’s called “The Garden of Hope” they owe me an apology.

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