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Horus the Horse Concludes

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By special WegWag corresdpondent and Horse Mania artist: Shirley Gentry

Thursday, June 17, 2010. Horus limps in and joins the herd.

Yesterday evening Charlie and I were chatting with Lexington neighbors when I had an “OMG” moment. A nail with a huge head protruded from my truck tire. Call AAA. Drop the horse trailer, turn the truck around so the tire will be accessible for the technician. Try and find the tools to release the spare tire from under the truck. They are gone, probably left behind in some shop, who knows where or when. Fortunately, the tech can release the spare with Charlie’s truck tools. Crisis averted. Spare tire in place, we re-hitch the trailer. Good to go. We think.

Horse Mania Horse

Horus joins the club

This morning we took off for the shop to collect Horus. The truck is pulling to the right and making all sorts of scary, scraping sounds. We get there with all four wheels still on the truck, and still pulling the horse trailer. Horus is going to LexArts this morning if I have to call a tow truck or Sallee Horse Vans, or both. For those of you from outside the Lexington area, we have a selection of horse van companies only a phone call away that will pick up and transport your horse. It is sort of like calling a horse taxi, or in our case, limo. Luckily neither service is needed. Hmm…a horse van. That would be traveling in style. We have been told that the bed of a pickup is standard Horse Mania transportation.

At the shop we admire the latest evolution of Horus, shining like a Corvette at a car show. His clear coat gleams, highlighting the decorative colors and black base. He is beautiful. I am happy.

Horus is removed from his plywood stand and mummy-wrapped in his horse clothing for the last time, loaded, chocked, cross-tied, lashed in, and we set out for delivery. Charlie drives this leg of the journey so he can evaluate the pulling and horrible truck noises. He agrees. We have a problem. We decide to get the flat tire repaired and replace the spare after Horus is delivered. We limp and squeal into LexArts parking lot at Lorillard Lofts.

Horus is unloaded, and carried into the building to join his herd-mates. We undress him and I towel the dust off his black hooves and body. Immediately he is moved into the photo shot setup for his publicity picture. Smile, Horus! It will go into a commemorative book with photos of all the other horses. He is then carried off to meet the herd.

In another room rest dozens of completed horses, lined up side by side, several lengths deep. Wow! They are all so different and interesting, but we can’t really get a good look at them as they are packed in as tightly as cars in a Manhattan parking garage. Horus takes his place. I will see him, and his buddies, again next week for a preview party.

Horus with Dignataries

Horus Poses with Dignataries

We leave and head for the tire shop. Horus, “Egyptian Treasure”, has been delivered, and is safe.

Thursday, June 24: Party on, Horus!

This evening was the preview party for all Horse Mania horses, their sponsors, and their artists. All the horses are lined up in the corridors of Lorillard Lofts. They are just amazing! The range of color, design and decoration techniques reflect the wide variety of each individual artist’s creative vision. Besides the full size horses, there are a number of fiberglass foals that have been decorated by local schools. They are just super too.

I have come prepared, and rag off the dust and fingerprints from Horus’ shiny coat. Years spent on horse sales top-off crews die hard. We admire the other horses, and visit with friends and the other artists and partygoers. Charlie inspects the horses carefully for blemishes and flaws in their fiberglass factory finish. Horus is pronounced superior in this respect. It is interesting to hear the comments about the horses. At one point logistics of the installation on July 15 are being discussed. Rumor has it the horses will have their hooves nailed to the wooden bed of a tobacco wagon for transport. Charlie guides me away from the conversation before I dial a horse van company for Horus.

We meet Horus’ sponsors! Adam Kegley and Deborah Holland Tudor represent Frost, Brown, Todd LLC, Attorneys. Adam is also a member of LexArt’s Board of Directors. Unlike the other artists, who exhibit a high level of professional composure, I am thrilled and excited to be part of Horse Mania, and thank Adam and Deborah several times. Without the sponsorship of benefactors like Frost, Brown, Todd LLC, there would be no Horus, aka “Egyptian Treasure”, or any of the other horses.

Check out photos of the “Horse Mania 2010” horses on Facebook under that title, or the LexArts web site,, for more information. Follow the Horse Mania 2010 links; the foals are on the Horse Play link.

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