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Pix of Cross Country Fences!

Posted in Unnatural Horsemanship, World Equestrian Games with tags , , on October 1, 2010 by martimu

EventingNation has made an entire album of photos showing each of the ‘questions’ horse and rider will asked on the four+ mile course on Saturday October 2nd at the WEG.

Jump 18 at the Land Between the Lakes series

They call them questions because the horse doesn’t get to see any of the jumps nor the course before he or she is running it during competition. These are major jumps and major obstacles. This is pretty much an insane business. I’ll be there making sure onlookers get out of the gallop lanes well before competitors are within range. I will be thinking positive thoughts of flight as each pair negotiates these wicked bad challenges.

See every jump here at EventingNation’s Picasa album.

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