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WegWag has Moved!

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What an amazing adventure it has been keeping the World Equestrian Games updated from behind and whithin the scenes here by your WegWag host Marti McGinnis for the past four years! But sadly they have come and gone so it is time to move on – and move on she has! This blog will no longer be updated but all new updates will carry on here: . If you’re following WegWag tweets – then you’re automatically now following the new name HorseJourney. New to twitter? No worries just follow HorseJourney and we’ll be connected!

Are you perhaps into Equine Assisted Activities or Equine Assisted Learning? Then you’ll for sure want to subscribe to Marti’s blog that features tons of activities both at liberty and in the studio at

My Thank You WEG video was well received and appears below:

Marti documents her journey with her own horses. No trophies or medals to be won in that but a whole lot of fun at her expense and it’s all fun and on the table open. Marti has also recently made a huge overall to the rescue network. If you love horses (and we know you do) you should join me there now! Here’s a video that describes what EquineConnection is all about:

And finally some of you may know Marti is also an artist and has been making fun paintings and other creations featuring horses. Her fine art website documents everything she’s into. Check it out! Buy some at SongPony on


Hope….From the Hearts of Horses

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I just read a book entitled “Hope…From the Heart of Horses” by Kathy Pike and if you are at all intrigued with the concepts within Equine Assisted Learning and personal coaching you’ll want to pick this up. Ms. Pike walks the reader through her own  journey connecting with horses somewhat sporadically in the beginning in a manner that’s going to ring familiar with many, as she begins to discover the powerful impact of mindful interaction with them. She’s open with her failures which adds an element of gritty, plodding truth often missing in such writing. “Hope” begins with the author’s tough fall off a flighty warmblood into various round pens and arenas as

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Ms. Pike explores the intriguing messages quiet relating with equines brings to awareness. In the book, she begins to form clinics and workshops sharing this information and as such becomes a strong new voice within the ever-burgeoning field(s) of equine assisted learning, coaching, therapy, and so on. I would love for her to have included some step by step descriptions of her teachings but perhaps she is compiling those for another piece. We can only hope. For more information visit her website: Coaching With Horses where you can learn about programs offered!

For a current and definitive guide to equine assisted methods the comprehensive “Walking the Way of the Horse” by Leif Hallburg is an excellent choice. I should add that as in everything else equine related, say natural horsemanship styles, etc, there are noted controversies between the less diplomatic practitioners of each group. This despite the fact they all have far more in common than not. Such is the nature of humans.walkingtheway

Inspired by these books and so many of my own interactions with horses a friend sent me a link to the piece below that perfectly illustrates some of the wonderful upbeat qualities of the horse-human bond. Phyllis and her nutty horse Shag-Ra have formed a life together that is light and uplifting in a perfectly unassuming and enlightening way.

Finally I complete this post with a painting I made last week before I even started the book or saw the video about some of the life’s path vistas available to we who are smart and/or lucky enough to get to be with horses a lot or even a little. I learn something every time. Sometimes it’s deeply philosophical, sometimes it’s how to have fun (like flapping your lips in time to music). Anyway, the proceeds from this piece will go towards helping fund the equine rescue network I’m getting ready to launch.

Wisdom With Horses

Wisdom With Horses - painting click to see at SongPony's Shop

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