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Thank You WEG!

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The outdoor arena waits for its next big event

Are they really over? Has the last competitor really been loaded into a trailer, onto a plane and zoomed far, far away?

Yep. Four years’ worth of personal blog build-up and now it’s over. But I will never, ever forget how these Games touched my soul.

All the planning. All the parties. All the announcements, hoopla and happenstance. Below is a video “Thank You” I composed using the footage I grabbed with my iPhone while on duty and little camera during my free times.

I kept my participation out on the edges and I think it was a truly wonderful vantage point to soak in everything that was so right about the WEG. And while I may have been just a rake and pitchfork wielding extra let me tell you, these duties gained me access to everything I could have hoped to have been a part of and gotten to witness firsthand and so up close I would find the bits of dropped carrots the competitor horses accidentally dropped from their groom’s, rider’s and trainer’s hands as they made their way out of the arena.

This one was painted with a sort of equine topographic map of some of the noteworthy farms of the Bluegrass region.

One of MANY painted ponies in the Alltech pavilion

The final tally had well over 60 countries represented as competitors or visitors to the Commonwealth of Kentucky an honor indeed.

So many participating countries!

Fuego XII enters the practice ring

One of my favorite equine athletes was the Spanish horse Fuego XII who danced and pranced under the worthy guidance of his capable rider, Juan Munoz Diaz. Maybe not as technically accomplished as Edward Gal and his stallion Moorlands Totilas but as accomplished and joyful as any horse and rider ever was.

One of the Entryways

So Now Kentucky — and I — are getting back into our normal routines. We miss everyone who gave of themselves during these amazing Games. We thank the sponsors, the athletes, their retinues, the volunteers, the clinicians, the exhibitors, the breed demonstrators and everyone else who played a role in making these such a memorable, fulfilling and happy experience. Well done to everyone and Thank you WEG!



NBC Affiliates to show select WEG events

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Daily TV schedule – Lexington NBC Affiliate – Local Channel 18

10.5 hours scheduled for free access

Saturday, Sept. 25

7-9 p.m. (NBC-18) — Opening ceremonies (live).

Sunday, Sept. 26

Noon-1:30 p.m. (NBC-18) — Reining team competition (live); opening ceremonies highlights (taped).

Monday, Sept. 27

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Insight-565) — Reining team competition (taped).

Sunday, Oct. 3

1-6 p.m. (NBC-18) — Eventing cross country and jumping competitions; Dressage freestyle and reining individual competitions (taped).

Monday, Oct. 4

10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 2:30-5 p.m. (Insight-565) — Jumping speed competition (live).

Tuesday, Oct. 5

10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 2:30-5 p.m. (Insight-565) — Jumping team competition (live).

Wednesday, Oct. 6

7-9:30 p.m. (Insight-565) — Jumping team competition finals (live).

Thursday, Oct. 7

11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 2:30-4:30 p.m. (Insight-565) — Eventing stadium jumping (taped); Dressage freestyle and reining individual competitions (taped).

Friday, Oct. 8

5:30-7 p.m. (Insight-565) — Jumping individual competition (live).

Saturday, Oct. 9

8-9:30 p.m. (Insight-565) — Jumping Rolex Top Four (live).

Sunday, Oct. 10

4-6 p.m. (NBC-18) — Coverage of jumping, vaulting and driving (taped); closing ceremonies (live).

Monday, Oct. 11

11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (Insight-565) — Coverage of jumping, vaulting, driving and closing ceremonies (taped).

Thursday, Oct. 14

6-7 p.m. (Insight-565) — Driving finals (taped)

Friday, Oct. 15

6-7 p.m. (Insight-565) — Vaulting finals (taped)

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Celebrating Horses Art Car

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art car rear

Good Luck!

What with the crazy economy and all selling art has become a bit more of a challenge than it usually is, but that hasn’t stopped my creative flow. At all. For almost twenty years I have driven an “art car”. This can mean a lot of things. To some it means I drive a vehicle with a lowered value by having messed with the original finish. To others it suggests I’ve turned a mundane, every-day object into a rolling gallery. To me it means I get to drive something different and can get a new car (sort of) just by changing the paint job!


The pony on top goes up for special occassions

Which is what I did recently to celebrate my personal love of horses and to spiff up for the impending World Equestrian Games coming to Lexington, Kentucky, where I live. Because this is The Decade of the Unicorn I’ve got one highlighted on the driver’s side. But I think Pegasus is a grand influence especially on a vehicle that’s taking me places so he’s on the hood. But you know, a pink pony tells the world I know who I am – and it ain’t being macho, lol.



If you happen to be coming to Lexington and you see us (me and the car, I mean) let us know you’re there or have stopped by! And May The Horse Be With You!

pink pony

Kentucky Horse Park WEG Info

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Kentucky Horse Park Makes Final Preparations for the
Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games
Important Discounts and Schedule Changes in Effect
Horses pulling carriageLEXINGTON, KY (September 2, 2010)  The Kentucky Horse Park is announcing the following changes to their schedule in preparation for the largest event in Kentucky’s history and the largest sporting event in the United States in 2010, the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games:
August 30 to October 14
The Kentucky Horse Park Campground will be closed to campers Monday, August 30 to Thursday, October 14, for the Groom’s Village and staff campers.  The campground will reopen to travelers on Friday, October 15.

September 1 to 19
The park will be open from 9am to 5pm until Sunday, September 19, with reduced admission of only $10 for adults and $5 for kids 7-12 (children 6 and under admitted free of charge).   All of the museums and grounds will be open, but the horse activities and number of horses will taper off prior to the move-in of WEG horses.  Horseback riding ends on Labor Day, Monday, September 6.

September 6-19
There will be no charge for parking.

September 7 to October 20
By order of the State Veterinarian’s Office, dogs will not be permitted on park grounds from Tuesday, September 7 to Wednesday, October 20, while competition horses are expected to be at the park.  Only working service animals will be permitted during this time, including the entire run of the Games.  Therapy dogs and dogs in training for service will not be allowed.  Depending upon the departure of horses after the Games, the State Veterinarian’s Office may allow dogs to return sooner than October 20.  Please call ahead before bringing a dog to the park that week.

September 20 to 24
The park will be closed to visitors Monday, September 20 to Friday, September 24 for final Games move-in.

September 25 to October 10
•  The park will be open ONLY with Games admission Saturday, September 25 to Sunday, October 10.  All park museums and modified equine attractions will be open all day each day throughout the games.  The park’s contribution of 500 performances and demos, with 350 horses presented daily, in the five Equine Village venues will replace the normal Parade of Breeds and Hall of Champions shows.
•   Pony rides will be available in the Equine Village Kids Zone, but Horse Drawn Tours and Horseback Riding will be suspended during the games.
•   Competition or grounds pass tickets for the Games are available through Ticketmaster or at 888/WEG-2010.
•   Admission tickets for the A Gift from the Desert exhibition are available in the Visitor Information Center and the International Museum of the Horse, or by calling 859/233-4303 or 800/678-8813.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids 7-12.
•   Tickets for Unique Horse Farm Tours are available through the park’s Visitor Information Center at 859/233-4303 or 800/678-8813 or on-site in the building.  Tickets for this farm tour company are sold exclusively through the Kentucky Horse Park, with three tours daily at 9:15am, 12:15pm and 3:15pm.  Tickets are $40 for adults and $15 for kids 12 and under (not recommended for children under 4).  These tours will pick up and drop off at Fasig-Tipton on Newtown Pike.

October 11 to 12
The park will be closed to visitors Monday, October 11, and Tuesday, October 12 for early Games move-out.

October 13 to 15
The park will reopen to the public on Wednesday, October 13, from 9am to 5pm each day.  Friday, October 15 will be the last day the A Gift from the Desert exhibition will be open.  Reduced admission of $10 for adults and $5 for kids 7-12 will also be available at this time.

October 16 to 31
After the close of the A Gift from the Desert exhibition, the park will return to its normal operating schedule of seven days per week, from 9am to 5pm daily, and regular rates.

For additional information, please call 859/233-4303 or 800/678-8813.

Horus the Horse Concludes

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By special WegWag corresdpondent and Horse Mania artist: Shirley Gentry

Thursday, June 17, 2010. Horus limps in and joins the herd.

Yesterday evening Charlie and I were chatting with Lexington neighbors when I had an “OMG” moment. A nail with a huge head protruded from my truck tire. Call AAA. Drop the horse trailer, turn the truck around so the tire will be accessible for the technician. Try and find the tools to release the spare tire from under the truck. They are gone, probably left behind in some shop, who knows where or when. Fortunately, the tech can release the spare with Charlie’s truck tools. Crisis averted. Spare tire in place, we re-hitch the trailer. Good to go. We think.

Horse Mania Horse

Horus joins the club

This morning we took off for the shop to collect Horus. The truck is pulling to the right and making all sorts of scary, scraping sounds. We get there with all four wheels still on the truck, and still pulling the horse trailer. Horus is going to LexArts this morning if I have to call a tow truck or Sallee Horse Vans, or both. For those of you from outside the Lexington area, we have a selection of horse van companies only a phone call away that will pick up and transport your horse. It is sort of like calling a horse taxi, or in our case, limo. Luckily neither service is needed. Hmm…a horse van. That would be traveling in style. We have been told that the bed of a pickup is standard Horse Mania transportation.

At the shop we admire the latest evolution of Horus, shining like a Corvette at a car show. His clear coat gleams, highlighting the decorative colors and black base. He is beautiful. I am happy.

Horus is removed from his plywood stand and mummy-wrapped in his horse clothing for the last time, loaded, chocked, cross-tied, lashed in, and we set out for delivery. Charlie drives this leg of the journey so he can evaluate the pulling and horrible truck noises. He agrees. We have a problem. We decide to get the flat tire repaired and replace the spare after Horus is delivered. We limp and squeal into LexArts parking lot at Lorillard Lofts.

Horus is unloaded, and carried into the building to join his herd-mates. We undress him and I towel the dust off his black hooves and body. Immediately he is moved into the photo shot setup for his publicity picture. Smile, Horus! It will go into a commemorative book with photos of all the other horses. He is then carried off to meet the herd.

In another room rest dozens of completed horses, lined up side by side, several lengths deep. Wow! They are all so different and interesting, but we can’t really get a good look at them as they are packed in as tightly as cars in a Manhattan parking garage. Horus takes his place. I will see him, and his buddies, again next week for a preview party.

Horus with Dignataries

Horus Poses with Dignataries

We leave and head for the tire shop. Horus, “Egyptian Treasure”, has been delivered, and is safe.

Thursday, June 24: Party on, Horus!

This evening was the preview party for all Horse Mania horses, their sponsors, and their artists. All the horses are lined up in the corridors of Lorillard Lofts. They are just amazing! The range of color, design and decoration techniques reflect the wide variety of each individual artist’s creative vision. Besides the full size horses, there are a number of fiberglass foals that have been decorated by local schools. They are just super too.

I have come prepared, and rag off the dust and fingerprints from Horus’ shiny coat. Years spent on horse sales top-off crews die hard. We admire the other horses, and visit with friends and the other artists and partygoers. Charlie inspects the horses carefully for blemishes and flaws in their fiberglass factory finish. Horus is pronounced superior in this respect. It is interesting to hear the comments about the horses. At one point logistics of the installation on July 15 are being discussed. Rumor has it the horses will have their hooves nailed to the wooden bed of a tobacco wagon for transport. Charlie guides me away from the conversation before I dial a horse van company for Horus.

We meet Horus’ sponsors! Adam Kegley and Deborah Holland Tudor represent Frost, Brown, Todd LLC, Attorneys. Adam is also a member of LexArt’s Board of Directors. Unlike the other artists, who exhibit a high level of professional composure, I am thrilled and excited to be part of Horse Mania, and thank Adam and Deborah several times. Without the sponsorship of benefactors like Frost, Brown, Todd LLC, there would be no Horus, aka “Egyptian Treasure”, or any of the other horses.

Check out photos of the “Horse Mania 2010” horses on Facebook under that title, or the LexArts web site,, for more information. Follow the Horse Mania 2010 links; the foals are on the Horse Play link.

WEG Warm Up for American Horse Publications

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Lexington Prepares for a World Equestrian PARTY! (click to enlarge)

Lexington, KY. From June June 17 to 19 editors, writers, photographers, publishers and all other manner of people involved in the world of equine publishing through the auspices of the American Horse Publications association, gathered to share ideas and experience some of the delights that the Bluegrass offers its visitors. Below is a sneak preview of our tour to some of the highlights of the area. If you’re coming to Lexington anytime soon you may want to make a note of these places – they’re all open to the public!

The giants from within the equine publishing industry are a fun-loving group. If you read Western Horseman, Equus, TrailBlazer, The Blood Horse or any other of the array of magazine geared to your riding discipline don’t be surprised if articles pop up based on fun day these people just experienced in Lexington.

Times are changing for the publishing industry and we’re finding we have to be as adaptable to these changes as an off track thoroughbred has to be in his or her new riding career. Look for a name change for this organization to reflect the world of new media opening up to us all. Exciting new approaches and ways of connecting will be happening all throughout your favorite riding disciplines and their publications. Look for more Tweets, Facebook pages and other new media connections than ever before! Did I mention YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr? Yep – these are FUN times to be a horse lover for sure and your favorite publications are on top of it!

Horus the Horse Part 3

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Horse Mania Art Project

By Shirley Gentry – special to WegWag!

Black Horse

Horus gleams at Fortune Collision & Paint Centre. Wow! What a difference! He is ready for surface decoration.

Monday, June 7.  Nick calls Charlie from the body shop. Horus’ spa treatment is taking longer than anticipated. He will have to ask some of his co-workers to help with the sanding. Charlie authorizes the expense.

We can pick up Horus Thursday morning, not Wednesday. I call my part-time employer, the Paris Stockyard, and tell them I will not be able to work the cattle sale on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 8.   Time to start creating the Horus Hostel, his next temporary home. This is the front hall of our home, where he will be painted. The first step is to remove the lint, pet hair, mud, Charlie’s tools and my costume making materials. So, how much of that can there be? What do you mean there is an air compressor and laundry basket of sequins by your front door? Well, I have made 10 costumes in the past three months, we have two (constantly shedding) dogs and two cats, and after a year of occasional construction, a repair on the front porch was recently completed. The front hall has been a receptacle for all related tools and construction/sewing materials. Swiffer? That’s for city girls. We farm women consider a ShopVac to be a house cleaning necessity.

Wednesday, June 9.  Free Horus!

I am ready to implode. I want my horse! There are photos of other artist’s completed horses in print, and today I visited another horse near completion. I have yet to take the first brush stoke.

The Eye of Horus is upon you. Yep. That is what that particular decoration is really called. It was a protective device in ancient Egypt. The marking on his forehead is an Ankh, and is the symbol of life. The paint job is a work in progress. Charlie suggests I create an explanation of Horus’ Egyptian symbols and their significance.

To make today a productive day, I purchase more, higher quality, acrylic paint. A trip to the Kentucky Horse Park’s new exhibit, “A Gift from the Desert” shows a few artifacts from Egypt on display. None of the really interesting bits shaped like snakes or horses are from Egypt, though. I spend several hours looking at books with pictures of ancient Egyptian artwork and horse equipment. The design is already established, and has been since January. The photos help keep me focused (and quiet.) Horse Mania? Can’t say much more about the Horse part, but your Maniac, er, Mania, is right here.

At 8:40 pm Nick texts Charlie from the body shop and includes photos of Horus’ gleaming black hide. We can pick him up in the morning. The stress level in our home diminishes significantly.

Thursday, June 10: Horus is beautiful! He shines and sparkles, his re-worked fiberglass body is blemish free, at least to my untrained eye. Previously he had raggedy hoof walls, looking like he had missed his last three farrier appointments while living in a rocky pasture. No more. He is a far better horse for the time spent at the body shop. Estimating Nick’s professional contributions at 35 hours, his boss, Todd, praises the work he has done on Horus, and donates the paint used in his finish. I am thrilled! The men at Fortune Collision who helped Nick will be satisfied if I pick up the tab for their lunch. Everyone has been very generous and supportive of this project. It is just great, and much appreciated.

Nick shows me how to sand Horus’ entire body before painting. I cringe at the prospect of marring his brilliant black hide, but it must be done. The entire surface must be roughed up so that the final clear coat and painted surface decoration will adhere to the black base coat. Load up the trailer, home we go, and install Horus in our version of the “paint booth”, the front hall.

Horus is sanded twice and wiped down after each treatment, which Charlie thinks is funny. You have to start somewhere, so Horus tries on a horse costume which allows me to get an idea of where the design details will lie. The painting begins. At some point I realize that I have made Horus one of my horse costumes, it is just created in paint rather than fabric (and sequins.)

Saturday, June 12.  I wake up at 4:00 am, dreaming about painting. I get up and continue to do just that. Later, I request a two-day extension on delivery date from Tony Aros at LexArt. It will be granted. During Horus’ stay, my life consists solely of painting, and husband and animal care.

Monday, June 14, 2010. The surface decoration is complete. Horus is spending the evening letting his paint cure. I estimate about 45 to 50 hours spent painting since Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow he ships back to the body shop for his clear coat.

Late breaking news: due to the construction currently in progress in downtown Lexington, the Horse Mania installation has been delayed until July 14.

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