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WegWag is Ready for the World

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As I write this we’re now less than three months away from the Opening Ceremonies for the World Equestrian Games here in Lexington Kentucky. I formed this blog about two years ago in anticipation of these games and in the interim have been keeping abreast of some of the activities as they’ve been unfolding towards this happy time. I’ve been volunteering for test events and becoming involved on the sidelines wherever I could. I’ve seen some meltdowns from within the event structure and been privy to tales of even more. But I’m purposefully keeping off to the side so I don’t get caught up in the vortex swirling around the high anticipation surrounding these games. In fact I’ve found that what I’m really interested in is how these events are going to impact horses themselves and those who love them. So today I’m posting a video that speaks to the women who follow my posts who might turn to this blog and my videos for topics that might otherwise not be visible during the hoopla, pomp and circumstance. I love you fellow horse appreciators and I do all of this for the both of us.


Wild Horse Wednesday – Lexington, KY

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Lexington, Kentucky is the “Horse Capital of the World”. So what better place to hold a protest against the man made plight of wild horses? Today all throughout the county, horse lovers and others joined voices and told the world what they think about the current mismanagement of America’s wild horses by the government body charged with their stewardship, the Bureau of Land Management.

These are passionate people. It’s cold out there – all over – and yet they came. Out they came with their home made signs and a willingness to speak out about the rough, careless and downright inhumane treatment currently being perpetrated on thousands of mustang horses being herded together into great groups in tight quarters where the natural instincts of these creatures, who usually gather in much smaller numbers, kick in. Fights break out between stallions and other males, between mares and other females. They bite and kick and injuries are common. Sometimes deadly.

There are plentiful resources about what’s happening. I invite you to click on some of the links here and follow their well traveled trails of information.,,

In the meantime have a look at our demonstration here in Lexington today. It was twenty degrees with a light snow falling. Lexington isn’t a big city. If our same group was in New York this gathering would have been MASSIVE. Instead it was intense dedicated and we even had some laughs.

A Fiji Horse Story

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Manasa and I prepare for a long ride

In the late 1980’s I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji, in the South Pacific. I worked as a graphic artist for the Ministry of Health. Below are pages from the cartoon book I drew and the World Health Organization produced for the citizens of Fiji during my first year there. It was 100 pages of original cartoons called “Worms and Germs”. I ended up moving from the capitol city to a tiny village up in the hills where I lived among islanders and broke some of their rules by riding horses and wearing pants. I believe my lifelong love of horses will reveal itself.

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