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WEG Warm Up for American Horse Publications

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Lexington Prepares for a World Equestrian PARTY! (click to enlarge)

Lexington, KY. From June June 17 to 19 editors, writers, photographers, publishers and all other manner of people involved in the world of equine publishing through the auspices of the American Horse Publications association, gathered to share ideas and experience some of the delights that the Bluegrass offers its visitors. Below is a sneak preview of our tour to some of the highlights of the area. If you’re coming to Lexington anytime soon you may want to make a note of these places – they’re all open to the public!

The giants from within the equine publishing industry are a fun-loving group. If you read Western Horseman, Equus, TrailBlazer, The Blood Horse or any other of the array of magazine geared to your riding discipline don’t be surprised if articles pop up based on fun day these people just experienced in Lexington.

Times are changing for the publishing industry and we’re finding we have to be as adaptable to these changes as an off track thoroughbred has to be in his or her new riding career. Look for a name change for this organization to reflect the world of new media opening up to us all. Exciting new approaches and ways of connecting will be happening all throughout your favorite riding disciplines and their publications. Look for more Tweets, Facebook pages and other new media connections than ever before! Did I mention YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr? Yep – these are FUN times to be a horse lover for sure and your favorite publications are on top of it!


Sunny Perfect Day at Keeneland

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Keeneland thoroughbred race course in Lexington, Kentucky is among the world’s more beautiful places on a fresh, sunny spring day. The horses are spirited, sleek and fit, and the people are at their colorful best. While there can be said to be much to be worked on to ensure a better long term life for a thoroughbred race horse – on a perfect spring day doing what they were born to do these horses might be, for this moment, at a pinnacle of their lives — winners and non-winners alike. After all, everyone gets to go back to the barn for sweet hay and molasses oats.

Announcing a brand new all digital perfectly GREEN magazine devoted entirely to equine advocacy! EquineConnection highlights news throughout equine welfare and rescue – read about what’s right and what could use our attention to improve things for horses and other equine everywhere. Click on the image to view – it’s all free and full of fascinating information!

College Day Pageantry at Keeneland

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That we ride horses has more to do with their kindness than man’s accomplishments.
Merry Horses

A chestnut Foal heads to Keeneland (painting avail on Etsy - click!)

A chestnut Foal heads to Keeneland (painting avail on Etsy - click!)

Fall in Kentucky can be an achingly beautiful time. Pair that with observing horses prancing under colorful silk outfits and maybe heaven seems less other-worldly. Last week I had the pleasure to bring two young ladies to Keeneland for their first experience ever with horse racing in general and the gifts of Keeneland in particular.

It was “College Day” and this being the ‘northernmost southern city’ there were well groomed University of Kentucky students wandering everywhere. My pair fit right in. They were delighted with the pageantry of the paddock and the thrill out on the track. It was a joy to experience afresh the wonder of it all through their innocent eyes.

Being near horses always offers an opportunity for personal transformation just by proximity alone. That is part of the joy of horses, and part of the debt we owe those we employ for our entertainment. To see the grace of horses running is to glimpse the dance of the angels.

Secretariat’s Extras

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Not Big Red - but a dang nice looking thoroughbred nonetheless - painting avail on Etsy

Not Big Red - but a dang nice looking thoroughbred nonetheless - painting avail on Etsy

I’m not an actor. I don’t play one on tv. But as it turns out I am qualified to play an attendee of the 1973 Belmonth Stakes win by the great Secretariat because of two key factors:

  1. I showed up and
  2. I bothered to wear an outfit that could be construed as having been possible in the early 70’s.

Because I am daring and edgy, I also brought along my mini camera so I could record some of the fabulosity that is the Hollywood experience for you, my dear WegWag reader. I think you will agree with me in saying “Thank God polyester fabrics are enjoying their first half life decay in landfills across the globe; no longer causing such accidents as was described to me by a clearly knowledgeable gentlemen during one of the numerous rest periods we extras enjoyed during lulls between the rigors of cheering Secretariat’s win from at least seven different locations throughout the grandstand. He claims to have suffered a kitchen accident wherein he backed into a lit stove burner wearing a “leisure suit” of a material he recollects as being called “Dacron“, a detail that sticks with him to this day as insistently as the material itself stuck to his rear when it melted there.

Can YOU Spot the Errors?

Can YOU Spot the Errors?

Spoiler Alert: Big Red wins that race. He won it no less than 7 times yesterday. I can’t offer proof because the staff of The Mouse would have me swiss cheesed if I had even attempted to film when they were filming – I am putting my life on the line as it is offering this ultra-bootlegged non-commercial footage as it is. If this page goes dark in the near future, look for new howling sounds at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride – the place where The Mouse’s henchmen throw the hapless under-represented artsy fartsies who get in the way of their corporately-imagineered creative machinations.

Here goes:

The Back Stretch – and it IS a Stretch (right?)

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My brushes with the world of thoroughbred racing have brought me as a groom into the shed rows at 5 in the morning at the Keeneland Yearling Sale, into the paddock at River Down’s with a pal saddling her fillies and out into a a meadow littered with newborn foals basking in the sun under their mama’s bellies on a warm spring day.  I’ve hobnobbed with the swells at a gigantic party during the Breeder’s Cup at Churchill Downs and clicker trained the son of a Kentucky Derby Winner in my very own paddocks. So when I tell you this video I’m embedding below captures a sense of the undercurrent I’ve experienced in the back stretch – you can know I speak with some insider knowledge. Now for the record, I posted this link on my Facebook page first and here are some uncensored comments (god bless ’em!).:

  • “How in the world did they decide he was gay???? He’s a frickin’ horse! Unbelievable!!!!”
  • “how stupid is this world becoming”
  • Stupid gay horse. : D
You Don't Have to be Able to Fly to be Light on Your Hooves - painting available on Etsy!

You Don't Have to be Able to Fly to be Light on Your Hooves - painting click to see on Etsy!

Next Up? Moooove over Belmont!

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Sport Bovines

Sport Bovines

The world of mounted animal racing is not limited to just horses. Indeed click the image for your introduction to The Belmont Steaks. Yes, you heard me right, the Belmont Steaks!

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