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WegWag has Moved!

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What an amazing adventure it has been keeping the World Equestrian Games updated from behind and whithin the scenes here by your WegWag host Marti McGinnis for the past four years! But sadly they have come and gone so it is time to move on – and move on she has! This blog will no longer be updated but all new updates will carry on here: . If you’re following WegWag tweets – then you’re automatically now following the new name HorseJourney. New to twitter? No worries just follow HorseJourney and we’ll be connected!

Are you perhaps into Equine Assisted Activities or Equine Assisted Learning? Then you’ll for sure want to subscribe to Marti’s blog that features tons of activities both at liberty and in the studio at

My Thank You WEG video was well received and appears below:

Marti documents her journey with her own horses. No trophies or medals to be won in that but a whole lot of fun at her expense and it’s all fun and on the table open. Marti has also recently made a huge overall to the rescue network. If you love horses (and we know you do) you should join me there now! Here’s a video that describes what EquineConnection is all about:

And finally some of you may know Marti is also an artist and has been making fun paintings and other creations featuring horses. Her fine art website documents everything she’s into. Check it out! Buy some at SongPony on


Aw Shucks – WegWag Wins Award!

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Dr. Pearec Lyons congratulates Marti McGinnis for receiving an A+ Award for her video

No way! It appears as though yours truly, your very own little WegWag seems to have won the A+  award in the broadcasting category for a video I created to help grow excitement for the WEG!  Alltech – the title sponsor of the whole big horse party – initiated a set of awards to help kick start coverage throughout the global equine news community. Entries were open to members of American Horse Publications (AHP) and the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists (IAEJ).

They asked a team of independent experts to evaluate the entries and it seems the video shown right here in our little down-home blog took top honors for the first set of winners! (2 sets one pre-WEG, the other to come or post-WEG). This video features footage I’ve taken over the several years I’ve been playing horses with my friends here so I like to think this win reflects more about them, what they’ve taught me and the love we all share for our equine friends and teachers.

I sorta feel like I just won a gold medal. 🙂

So here it is again for those who missed it the first time:

Muzak + an Ultimate Rickroll

Posted in Equine Issues, World Equestrian Games with tags , on September 30, 2010 by martimu

So, ok, now that we’ve gone through the extra fabulous Grand Prix Dressage tests I’d like to come clean with some observations and questions. These are going to fall into two main categories:

  • Music
  • Fashion

Today let’s start with the easy one: the music. Where is it written that athletic horses performing super-concentration feats of athleticism like to do so to really bad 1980’s Muzak? I mean to say during each 7+ minute test we heard Madonna, Pink Floyd, and other patheticly lame versions of Muzaked rock and disco hits and the tip topper of the entire bunch: we were rickrolled by a German duo!  For those of you who may be uninitiated in this little game let me explain. Rickrolling is where the one hit wonder Rick Astley’s song is inserted into whatever’s going on at the moment. It’s supposed to be a big huge joke. Here let me refresh your memory:

We got the Muzak version. I burst out laughing perhaps maybe the only one in attendance who >got< the joke. In this regard I give Germany the Gold in the rickroll!

There was actually some good music and my handy Shazam app told me what these were:

  • Viva la Vida by Coldplay (U.S., yes)
  • Menuet – Tsjarsjeb by Adya
  • Elvira Madigan by Djazome
  • Ahbenera by Frachotexar
  • Shine by Bond (U.S., yes)
  • and the Theme from Johnny English (salsa version) also by Bond

Not all are available here in the US – that’s the sad part of the international music licensing scene dang it. Oh and if you stumble into thinking you’ll be able to download them there, don’t waste your time and $30 “free” sign up money. They have it – just not for US customers and they don’t say so until after you’ve agreed to PayPal over 2 month’s worth of downloads! Ah the things I go through to give you, my esteemed horseloving reader, the right info. Tomorrow – the outfits! Can’t wait. Until then enjoy your popcorn, your Kentucky beef burgers and your bourbon barrel beers in the Alltech outdoor pavilion.

The Reining Princess + Reining Open the WEG

Posted in Equine Issues on September 26, 2010 by martimu

World Championship Reining got underway yesterday at the KY Horse Park. Hours later amid much fanfare and fun Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein declared the “Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games” open. Hey Dr. Pearce Lyons – owner of Alltech – looked like he was enjoying himself to the maximum extent his generous millions to the games allowed. Way to go buddy. Party hearty we say! And thank you. Did we remember to say thank you? We couldn’t have done it without you.

And that Pricess Haya – so gracious and composed, was there ever a more pricessy princess? We hope you have a marvelous time rooting for your loved ones racing in today’s grueling 100 mile endurance ride. And the Shatner – good ol’ captain Kirk swirling around the outdoor arena behind his effervescent Saddlebred. Check it out – they have the same smile.

They say the traffic isn’t bad at all. The Equine Village had light traffic yesterday through the booths. Perhaps all the worry about back ups and headaches will be replaced by smooth flow and lots of quality time spent learning stuff about horses and horsemanship instead of contemplating suicide or homicide in slow moving vehicles. Hope so!

FREE WEG events – off site but near the official venue

Posted in Equine Issues on September 23, 2010 by martimu

WEG Demos, FREE Lunches, FREE Stuff

Date: 2010-09-22, 11:39AM
For Best Format go to our website

2285 Maggard Drive Lexington, KY 40511
Toll Free: 1-800-447-2580
Fax: 859-254-5722
General e-mail:

September 27
Morinda Care will be sponsoring a FREE lunch from 12-2pm
Today buy any gallon Morinda product and you’ll get a free 15oz brace!
Aaron Rolston from RFD-TV’s “The Ride” to appear at 1pm!
Will be doing LIVE demonstrations on:
Working Cow Horse Manuevers
Basic Training
Problem Solving
and of course Aaron will answer any questions you may have.
Check out his website at

September 28
FREE Dinner sponsored by Morinda Care. 5-7 pm
Also, when you buy any Morinda Product, you’ll get a Morinda re-usable bag and a free sample of their brace!
Clint Robinson Seminar @6pm — Bring your Rope!!!
Emphasizing Break Away Calf Roping, Heading, Heeling, and Tying. In each discussion, he will go over tip control, proper swing, and positioning.
Clint’s Cowboy Bio
Seminar also includes free BBQ Dinner!

September 29
Book signing with author of Dressage Dreams Stephen Clarke at 6pm.
Stephen Clarke is also an FEI judge for the dressage during the games.
It is possible that there will be appearances by other riders, Lisa Wilcox, and WEG dutch team rider Edward Gal owner of Dressage Stallion, Totilas.

September 30
FREE Lunch (12-2pm) sponsored by Farnam
Test your Horse Knowledge! Pick any level question (Novice, Intermediate, or Advance) and if you answer correctly, you’ll recieve a free Farnam product of your choice!
Farnam will be doing a 2 week special on their products! When you buy any Farnam product, you get one for 50% off! (Limit of 2 items.)

October 1 — 12-2pm
FREE lunch sponsored by Equibrand with FREE giveaways. (over $500 in Classic Equine, Classic Ropes, Rattler and Martin Saddlery products.)
10% off all Ropes (Classic, Rattler)
10% off all Martin Saddlery and Classic Equine.
10% off all Cashel Products and EZall Products.

October 2 — 2pm
Seminar with Big “D” on blanketing. They will answer all your questions you have about blanketing your horse(s).
BIG “D” is the Leading manufacturer of quality horse blankets and Equipment.
10% off all Big “D” Products!

October 5 —12-2pm
FREE Lunch sponsored by Kinetic Technologies and will be giving away free merchandise such as hats and t-shirts!.
They will be having a 2 week special on their Conquer 16 oz liquid. When you buy 1 liquid, you get another for 50% off!

October 6 — 6-8pm
FREE Wine (provided by Anne Karsher from Horseshoe Vinyard) and Cheese tasting, Hors D’oeuvres
Local Equine Artist showcase.
Featured Artists include: Ryleyanne Vaughn, Janice Studios, and Drewra Parrish.

October 7 — 12-2pm
FREE Lunch sponsored by Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies. They are the official feed of the USEF and proudly feeding many of the international WEG teams and US teams competing this year!
It is possible that some Pennfield Sponsored Riders wiil appear for a meet & greet. To look at who Pennfield sponsors, head to their website at
Pennfield will also be raffling off two saddle pads and a cooler that will be signed by all of their sponsored WEG riders!
All instock Pennfield feed will be buy 2 get 1 50% off!!
Troy Equestrian Products will be raffling off 4 stud kits. Includes 3 Hunter Boxes, and 1 Professional Box.

October 8 — ALL DAY
FREE personalized equine feeding program by Dr. Amy Gill. Amy has created many products including Osteo-Gen, Meta-Librium, Siliforce, and many more.
If you are interested in having your horse’s feeding program evaluated, please bring your feed tags, samples of hay, and anything else you feed your horse. You will be able to personally speak with Dr. Amy Gill about your horse and how you feed him!
**Please Check back with us for more details on this day. Dr. Amy Gill is going to do various seminars throughout the day that focus specifically on Growing, Senior, Overweight, and Underweight horses.

October 9 — WAG FOR WEG!
WAG for WEG is a day for the Dogs! Bring in your little , or big ones for a full day dedicated to the pooches.
Buy any Canine Product and get a free bandana for your dog!
Bring in your feed label with analysis and the on-hand vet Dr. Wayne Boam DVM will answer any questions you have.
Discussion about Canine Joint Health @ 11am

Arabian Horse will be Raffled off by the Arabian Horse Association on 10/10
Horse will be at Brumfield’s for Viewing on 10/7
Tickets can be bought at Brumfield’s beginning 9/25 for $10 a piece.
With purchase of raffle ticket you will get:
a chance to win Al-Marah Don Quixote
a free T-shirt
4 issues of Modern Horse
Al-Marah Don Quixote
15.2hh 2003 Grey Gelding
Endurance/ Sport Horse Prospect
Gentile Disposition and suitable for a first time horse owner.
Winning Prize includes:
Circle Y Saddle
3 month supply of Succeed
10 bags of Pennfield Feed

9/25 – 10/2
MORINDA CARE PRODUCTS — Buy any product, get a FREE 1oz Equine Brace and 1 Morinda reusable bag
KINETIC TECHNOLOGIES — Buy 1 Conquer 16oz liquid and get a second 50%off!
FARNAM — Buy any Farnam product, get one 50% off! (Limit 2 items)
9/27 – 9/28
MORINDA CARE PRODUCTS — Buy 1 gal of any Morinda Product, and get a free 16oz Equine Brace.
EQUIBRAND — All Classic and Rattler Ropes 10% off!
EQUIBRAND — All Martin Saddlery 10% off
EQUIBRAND — All Classic Equine 10% off
CASHEL — All Products 10% off!
E-ZALL — All Products 10% off!
PENNFIELD EQUINE — buy 2 bags of Pennfield feed, get 1 50% off!
Possible Sponsored Rider Appearances
2 Signed Saddle Pads to be Raffled off!
Drawing for a Pennfield Cooler!
TROY EQUESTRIAN — raffling off 4 stud boxes. 3 Hunter and 1 Proffessional!
EQUIFORCE — All Products 10% off!

WEG horses jumping through hoops to even BE here!

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dressageWhen you see a horse at the Kentucky Horse Park during the WEG you be sure to congratulate his or her handlers for having negotiated their way through some of the craziest ever sets of rules and regulations to get that equine onto the premises. For starters the US has a set of rules (see below) then add the great state of Kentucky’s own set and finish up with a nice layer from the FEI. Who Nelly – these people are motivated, Charlie. They could have spent their time getting a law degree but instead they spent it filling out paper work for these various agencies on behalf of their steeds.

virus cartoonMind you – these same requirements hold fast for all the breed demo horses too. So those folks who don’t even stand to win a prize have jumped through some serious hoops as well. So thank ’em. This is no small thing they’ve accomplished! And by the way, lest you think this is all just paperwork headaches – one of the dressage horses from Portugal had a bad reaction to one of the necessary vaccinations while newly arrived in country and has died as a result. He was administered by the team vet – so at least it wasn’t an American made snafu – or was it. Are these requirements too stringent?


General Requirements

Horses and other equines imported into the United States from countries affected with screwworm or Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) must undergo a 7-day quarantine on arrival in the U.S.

List of countries that USDA considers to be affected with screwworm

Countries affected by VEE include all countries in the Western hemisphere, except Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands.

Equines imported from countries affected with African Horse Sickness must undergo a 60-day quarantine on arrival in the U.S. The list of countries from which horses are required to undergo a 60-day quarantine currently includes Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Yemen Arab Republic, and all countries in Africa except Morocco.

Horses or other equines that are imported from other countries must undergo a 3-day quarantine on arrival in the U.S.


Stallions and mares over 731 days of age imported from countries affected with Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) are subject to additional requirements. Refer to the import requirements for horses from CEM-affected countries for more information.

Horses and accompanying equipment (e.g., tack trunks, saddles, containers) imported from countries affected with Foot-and-mouth disease are subject to additional requirements. Refer to the import requirements for horses imported from countries affected with Foot-and-mouth disease for more information.

Current lists of the disease status for various countries and diseases may be found at this website.

In addition, the U.S. state of destination may have other health requirements that may need to be met. Check with the receiving state for their health requirements.

Horses undergoing entry quarantine will be tested by USDA on arrival. No testing is required prior to export. However, importers may wish to verify that the horse is not positive for dourine, glanders, equine piroplasmosis, and equine infectious anemia (EIA) before exporting. Horses that test positive by USDA for any of these diseases upon arrival will be refused entry.


With the exception of horses originating from Canada, Mexico, Central America and the West Indies, an import permit may be required.

Download the Application for Import or In Transit Permit form VS Form 17-129

The fee for processing the permit application is $137.

The completed form should be mailed or faxed to the USDA Animal Import Center at which the horse will be quarantined (see contact information below).

An official health certificate, issued by the full-time salaried veterinary officer of the national government of the exporting country in which the horse has been residing for the 60 days preceding export to the United States, must accompany horses and other equines at the time of presentation for entry to the U.S.


Certification Statements

The official health certificate must include statements that the horse has:

(a) Resided in the exporting county for 60 days immediately preceding importation to the United States. If that has not been the case, then the official veterinarian from a country where the horse has been for 60 days prior to importation into the United States must issue the health certificate.

(b) Not been in a country where contagious equine metritis (CEM) is known to exist, nor has had any contact with horses, by breeding or in any manner exposed, from such a country, for the 12 months preceding exportation.

(c) Not been on a premises where African horse sickness, dourine, glanders, surra, epizootic lymphangitis, ulcerative lymphangitis, equine piroplasmosis, equine infectious anemia (EIA), contagious equine metritis (CEM), vesicular stomatitis, or Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis has occurred during the 60 days immediately preceding exportation, nor have any of these disease occurred on any adjoining premised during the same period of time.

(d) Not been vaccinated for any diseases during the 14 days immediately preceding exportation.

(e) Been inspected and found to be free of contagious diseases and insofar as can be determined, exposure thereto during the 60 days immediately preceding exportation.

(f) Been inspected and found free from ectoparasites.

Point of Entry Quarantine

Current USDA fees for horse import quarantine

To reserve space at a USDA-operated quarantine facility, contact the port veterinarian at one of the following USDA operated Animal Import Centers (AIC):

New York Animal Import Center
474 International Blvd
Rock Tavern, NY 12575
(845) 564-2950 Office
(845) 564-1075 Fax
Los Angeles Import Center
11850 S. La Cienega Blvd
Hawthorne, CA 90250
(310) 725-1970 Office
(310)725-9119 Fax
Miami Animal Import Center
6300 NW 36 Street
Miami, FL 33122
(305) 526-2926 Office
(305) 526-2929 Fax

Tests Required for Entry

Tests for dourine, glanders, equine piroplasmosis, and EIA will be conducted by USDA during quarantine (horses from New Zealand and Australia are exempt from dourine and glanders testing). The official tests are complement fixation for dourine and glanders, cELISA for piroplasmosis, and AGID for EIA. For specific information about import requirements, please contact the Area Veterinarian in Charge, the USDA Animal Import Center, the Regional Office, or the National Center for Import and Export.

Test results from National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) are generally available 3 days after the date of arrival of the horses. Horses that test positive for any of these diseases will be refused entry into the United States.


Countries that USDA Considers to be Affected with Screwworm:

Angola Haiti Philippines
Argentina India Qatar
Bahrain Indonesia Rwanda
Bangladesh Iraq Saudi Arabia
Benin Isla de Pascua (Easter Island, part of Chile) Senegal
Bolivia Ivory Coast Sierra Leone
Botswana Jamaica Singapore
Brazil Kenya South Africa
Brunei Kuwait Spratly Islands
Burkina Faso Laos Sri Lanka
Burundi Lesotho Surinam
Cambodia Liberia Swaziland
Cameroon Macau Taiwan
Central African Republic Malawi Tanzania
China Malaysia Thailand
Columbia Mali Togo
Congo Mauritania Trinidad and Tobago
Dominican Republic Mozambique Uganda
Ecuador Myanmar United Arab Emirates
Equatorial Guinea Namibia Uruguay
French Guinea Nigeria Venezuela
Gabon Oman Vietnam
Gambia Pacific Islands (Palau) Zaire
Ghana Papua New Guinea Zambia
Guinea Paraacel Islands Zimbabwe
Guinea-Bissau Paraguay
Guyana Peru

*Or any other part of the world where screwworm is considered to exist.


See what I’m saying? And this is just for entry into the states – add another volume and a slew of checks for the state of Kentucky AND the

Fédération Equestre Internationale.


HRTV Plans Subscription Accessible WEG-Minded Shows

Posted in Equine Issues on August 6, 2010 by martimu
horse racing television logo

Not just for Horse Racing Anymore!

HRTV will  expand its equestrian programming in the weeks leading up to tthe World Equestrian Games.

Scheduled in the upcoming weeks are highlights of the 55th running of the Tevis Cup, a 100-Mile-a-Day trail ride, and a new, informative series from training great Tom Pierson, highlighted by topics ranging from starting a young horse to fine-tuning a reining horse.

The upcoming equestrian programming will include the 2010 Spirit of Aachen, a documentary that includes entertaining interviews with athletes that participate each year, along with a look at the culture of Aachen.  An “encore” presentation of the 2009 Aachen Games is scheduled to air in the weeks ahead, as are Arabian shows.

Programming will also feature, “Equestrian Tact,” presenting feature stories rooted in each of the internationally contested equestrian disciplines: jumping, dressage, eventing, vaulting, endurance, carriage driving, para-dressage and reining and will introduce audiences to a variety of other equestrian activities, lifestyles and rituals.  The initial 14 episodes will give special focus to preparations for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

The network’s “RaceDay America” show, which highlights the day’s horseracing action, will incorporate interviews with many prominent equestrian personalities each week.   Commences at Noon ET/9 a.m. PT during busy race days.

HRTV ( is a 24-hour, television-based multimedia network dedicated to the “Sport of Kings”. The live stream of HRTV is available on a subscription basis at to high speed internet users worldwide. The HRTV television network is presently available via cable, telco video and satellite in 19 million US homes.

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