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The Back Stretch – and it IS a Stretch (right?)

Posted in equine behavior, Horse Racing, Unnatural Horsemanship, Videos with tags , on September 10, 2009 by martimu

My brushes with the world of thoroughbred racing have brought me as a groom into the shed rows at 5 in the morning at the Keeneland Yearling Sale, into the paddock at River Down’s with a pal saddling her fillies and out into a a meadow littered with newborn foals basking in the sun under their mama’s bellies on a warm spring day.  I’ve hobnobbed with the swells at a gigantic party during the Breeder’s Cup at Churchill Downs and clicker trained the son of a Kentucky Derby Winner in my very own paddocks. So when I tell you this video I’m embedding below captures a sense of the undercurrent I’ve experienced in the back stretch – you can know I speak with some insider knowledge. Now for the record, I posted this link on my Facebook page first and here are some uncensored comments (god bless ’em!).:

  • “How in the world did they decide he was gay???? He’s a frickin’ horse! Unbelievable!!!!”
  • “how stupid is this world becoming”
  • Stupid gay horse. : D
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Crazed Stallions Spar

Posted in equine behavior, Unnatural Horsemanship with tags , , on June 2, 2009 by martimu

In nature often the best way to ensure that only the fittest animals survive to procreate is played out by potential patriarchs engaging in ferocious battles. In the world of equus this manifests as battles between stallions. Though it may not be to the death – the fighting can end with the lesser successful male becoming debilitated by his injuries never to fight — or reproduce — again. It is a tough world as this video shows. This piece is not for the squeamish as will become obvious as soon as the music starts.

I put myself in harm’s way for your enlightenment and edification. That’s how much I care about you!

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