Out + About at WEG

The World Equestrian Games are surrounded by many delights besides the world class competitions. Here’s a small sampling of what my camera saw yesterday:

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One Response to “Out + About at WEG”

  1. Marti, many thanks for these pics for us who can’t get there. I especailly like the one of the rider with only a wreath around the horse’s neck and the child under the plastic quilt horse. I don’t know what the red one is.
    If you get a chance go by the BLM booth and tell them to quit wiping out our wild horses in a nice way of course. When they reply with their propaganda just give them some facts like they have zeroed out over 100 Herd Management Areas–no wild horses there now. Also if they continue with the roundups in 2011 at the rate the horses are being removed there will only be 758 left still free. THis number is according to BLM’s own info. The few mares being returned are being given PZP-22 which lasts at least 2 years. Most stallions rounded up are being gelded and sent to long time holding. Extinction is next and it is forever.

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