Muzak + an Ultimate Rickroll

So, ok, now that we’ve gone through the extra fabulous Grand Prix Dressage tests I’d like to come clean with some observations and questions. These are going to fall into two main categories:

  • Music
  • Fashion

Today let’s start with the easy one: the music. Where is it written that athletic horses performing super-concentration feats of athleticism like to do so to really bad 1980’s Muzak? I mean to say during each 7+ minute test we heard Madonna, Pink Floyd, and other patheticly lame versions of Muzaked rock and disco hits and the tip topper of the entire bunch: we were rickrolled by a German duo!  For those of you who may be uninitiated in this little game let me explain. Rickrolling is where the one hit wonder Rick Astley’s song is inserted into whatever’s going on at the moment. It’s supposed to be a big huge joke. Here let me refresh your memory:

We got the Muzak version. I burst out laughing perhaps maybe the only one in attendance who >got< the joke. In this regard I give Germany the Gold in the rickroll!

There was actually some good music and my handy Shazam app told me what these were:

  • Viva la Vida by Coldplay (U.S., yes)
  • Menuet – Tsjarsjeb by Adya
  • Elvira Madigan by Djazome
  • Ahbenera by Frachotexar
  • Shine by Bond (U.S., yes)
  • and the Theme from Johnny English (salsa version) also by Bond

Not all are available here in the US – that’s the sad part of the international music licensing scene dang it. Oh and if you stumble into thinking you’ll be able to download them there, don’t waste your time and $30 “free” sign up money. They have it – just not for US customers and they don’t say so until after you’ve agreed to PayPal over 2 month’s worth of downloads! Ah the things I go through to give you, my esteemed horseloving reader, the right info. Tomorrow – the outfits! Can’t wait. Until then enjoy your popcorn, your Kentucky beef burgers and your bourbon barrel beers in the Alltech outdoor pavilion.


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