A Brilliant Day to Witness WEG Wonder

Can stallions be ridden in a controlled manner that highlights their strengths without compromising their wild inner core? After what I saw today in the main arena at the World Equestrian Games from the pair of Edward Gal (his Facebook Page is here) and his mount Moorlands Toltilas the answer is a resounding YES! As this duo performs I find I have to force myself to breath. And when I do I realize maybe a whole minute has gone by. When they dance time stands still. Look them up on YouTube – I would post video if I was able to collect it from where I stand – but I can’t and anyway I’m too busy watching, absorbing to actually film anyway.

(In case you’re wondering, no I didn’t take the footage nor do I speak – Rsuusian? Polish? I’m just a hick American I can’t even tell the diff. Ok carry on with the post…)

The weather was gorgeous and the crowds happy and full of friendship. These Games are the most fun a horselover could hope to have. If you’re at all able to get here – drop everything and do so. You will NOT regret it. Every rider and horse is A+ level and then some. You will inspired no matter what your favorite discipline. Why? Because horse lovers can appreciate excellence in horsemanship whenever it presents itself to us. And the WEG are chock full of top notch equines and equus practitioners of every style, every form, every color. You will be inspired. You may be amazed. You will probably learn stuff and you will be surrounded by people as nutty about these creatures as you are. Maybe nuttier and how cool is that!? These are YOUR people! This is your tribe! Come to them – they want to meet you. WE want to see you here!


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