Watch the WEG games on streaming web tv

The good ol’ FEI have thought of everybody out there who maybe can’t swing around large bags of money and let loose with the dough here in Lexington. Here are their basic plans for online viewing:

daily rate $12.99

monthly rate: $34.99

and annual rate of $79.99

I’m not sure if you need to buy one or two months to ensure seeing the full WEG coverage (as it takes place during September and October). I’m inclined to believe a one month commitment will cover it. I could be wrong. If you pop for an annual pass you’ll get to see next year’s Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event too. Just sayin’.
Here‘s where you can sign up!

Your Subscription to FEI TV includes access to:
Immediate access to all FEI TV content:

  • all live events
  • all new VOD (video on demand)
  • Selected high quality, event-specific highlights
  • Interviews & features
  • Equestrian stories from around the globe
  • Extensive and regularly updated archiveClick here to see their scheduled WEG coverage.There’s some freebies too – so have a look even if you don’t intend to buy a package today. It actually seems like a decently good deal for where we’re at with this technology today. Though I will tell you – there’s new connections coming – I’ll tell more after the Games!
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    1. You can watch for free right here:

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