FREE WEG events – off site but near the official venue

WEG Demos, FREE Lunches, FREE Stuff

Date: 2010-09-22, 11:39AM
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2285 Maggard Drive Lexington, KY 40511
Toll Free: 1-800-447-2580
Fax: 859-254-5722
General e-mail:

September 27
Morinda Care will be sponsoring a FREE lunch from 12-2pm
Today buy any gallon Morinda product and you’ll get a free 15oz brace!
Aaron Rolston from RFD-TV’s “The Ride” to appear at 1pm!
Will be doing LIVE demonstrations on:
Working Cow Horse Manuevers
Basic Training
Problem Solving
and of course Aaron will answer any questions you may have.
Check out his website at

September 28
FREE Dinner sponsored by Morinda Care. 5-7 pm
Also, when you buy any Morinda Product, you’ll get a Morinda re-usable bag and a free sample of their brace!
Clint Robinson Seminar @6pm — Bring your Rope!!!
Emphasizing Break Away Calf Roping, Heading, Heeling, and Tying. In each discussion, he will go over tip control, proper swing, and positioning.
Clint’s Cowboy Bio
Seminar also includes free BBQ Dinner!

September 29
Book signing with author of Dressage Dreams Stephen Clarke at 6pm.
Stephen Clarke is also an FEI judge for the dressage during the games.
It is possible that there will be appearances by other riders, Lisa Wilcox, and WEG dutch team rider Edward Gal owner of Dressage Stallion, Totilas.

September 30
FREE Lunch (12-2pm) sponsored by Farnam
Test your Horse Knowledge! Pick any level question (Novice, Intermediate, or Advance) and if you answer correctly, you’ll recieve a free Farnam product of your choice!
Farnam will be doing a 2 week special on their products! When you buy any Farnam product, you get one for 50% off! (Limit of 2 items.)

October 1 — 12-2pm
FREE lunch sponsored by Equibrand with FREE giveaways. (over $500 in Classic Equine, Classic Ropes, Rattler and Martin Saddlery products.)
10% off all Ropes (Classic, Rattler)
10% off all Martin Saddlery and Classic Equine.
10% off all Cashel Products and EZall Products.

October 2 — 2pm
Seminar with Big “D” on blanketing. They will answer all your questions you have about blanketing your horse(s).
BIG “D” is the Leading manufacturer of quality horse blankets and Equipment.
10% off all Big “D” Products!

October 5 —12-2pm
FREE Lunch sponsored by Kinetic Technologies and will be giving away free merchandise such as hats and t-shirts!.
They will be having a 2 week special on their Conquer 16 oz liquid. When you buy 1 liquid, you get another for 50% off!

October 6 — 6-8pm
FREE Wine (provided by Anne Karsher from Horseshoe Vinyard) and Cheese tasting, Hors D’oeuvres
Local Equine Artist showcase.
Featured Artists include: Ryleyanne Vaughn, Janice Studios, and Drewra Parrish.

October 7 — 12-2pm
FREE Lunch sponsored by Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies. They are the official feed of the USEF and proudly feeding many of the international WEG teams and US teams competing this year!
It is possible that some Pennfield Sponsored Riders wiil appear for a meet & greet. To look at who Pennfield sponsors, head to their website at
Pennfield will also be raffling off two saddle pads and a cooler that will be signed by all of their sponsored WEG riders!
All instock Pennfield feed will be buy 2 get 1 50% off!!
Troy Equestrian Products will be raffling off 4 stud kits. Includes 3 Hunter Boxes, and 1 Professional Box.

October 8 — ALL DAY
FREE personalized equine feeding program by Dr. Amy Gill. Amy has created many products including Osteo-Gen, Meta-Librium, Siliforce, and many more.
If you are interested in having your horse’s feeding program evaluated, please bring your feed tags, samples of hay, and anything else you feed your horse. You will be able to personally speak with Dr. Amy Gill about your horse and how you feed him!
**Please Check back with us for more details on this day. Dr. Amy Gill is going to do various seminars throughout the day that focus specifically on Growing, Senior, Overweight, and Underweight horses.

October 9 — WAG FOR WEG!
WAG for WEG is a day for the Dogs! Bring in your little , or big ones for a full day dedicated to the pooches.
Buy any Canine Product and get a free bandana for your dog!
Bring in your feed label with analysis and the on-hand vet Dr. Wayne Boam DVM will answer any questions you have.
Discussion about Canine Joint Health @ 11am

Arabian Horse will be Raffled off by the Arabian Horse Association on 10/10
Horse will be at Brumfield’s for Viewing on 10/7
Tickets can be bought at Brumfield’s beginning 9/25 for $10 a piece.
With purchase of raffle ticket you will get:
a chance to win Al-Marah Don Quixote
a free T-shirt
4 issues of Modern Horse
Al-Marah Don Quixote
15.2hh 2003 Grey Gelding
Endurance/ Sport Horse Prospect
Gentile Disposition and suitable for a first time horse owner.
Winning Prize includes:
Circle Y Saddle
3 month supply of Succeed
10 bags of Pennfield Feed

9/25 – 10/2
MORINDA CARE PRODUCTS — Buy any product, get a FREE 1oz Equine Brace and 1 Morinda reusable bag
KINETIC TECHNOLOGIES — Buy 1 Conquer 16oz liquid and get a second 50%off!
FARNAM — Buy any Farnam product, get one 50% off! (Limit 2 items)
9/27 – 9/28
MORINDA CARE PRODUCTS — Buy 1 gal of any Morinda Product, and get a free 16oz Equine Brace.
EQUIBRAND — All Classic and Rattler Ropes 10% off!
EQUIBRAND — All Martin Saddlery 10% off
EQUIBRAND — All Classic Equine 10% off
CASHEL — All Products 10% off!
E-ZALL — All Products 10% off!
PENNFIELD EQUINE — buy 2 bags of Pennfield feed, get 1 50% off!
Possible Sponsored Rider Appearances
2 Signed Saddle Pads to be Raffled off!
Drawing for a Pennfield Cooler!
TROY EQUESTRIAN — raffling off 4 stud boxes. 3 Hunter and 1 Proffessional!
EQUIFORCE — All Products 10% off!


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  1. In my former life as editor of Feed & Grain magazine, I did two different feature stories on Pennfield Feed, manufacturer of feed for equine champions. They also make feed for other species — in different plants — and were receiving a shipment of ‘waste’ from Keebler cookies to use in their dairy feed. Smelled good.

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