Celebrating Horses Art Car

art car rear

Good Luck!

What with the crazy economy and all selling art has become a bit more of a challenge than it usually is, but that hasn’t stopped my creative flow. At all. For almost twenty years I have driven an “art car”. This can mean a lot of things. To some it means I drive a vehicle with a lowered value by having messed with the original finish. To others it suggests I’ve turned a mundane, every-day object into a rolling gallery. To me it means I get to drive something different and can get a new car (sort of) just by changing the paint job!


The pony on top goes up for special occassions

Which is what I did recently to celebrate my personal love of horses and to spiff up for the impending World Equestrian Games coming to Lexington, Kentucky, where I live. Because this is The Decade of the Unicorn I’ve got one highlighted on the driver’s side. But I think Pegasus is a grand influence especially on a vehicle that’s taking me places so he’s on the hood. But you know, a pink pony tells the world I know who I am – and it ain’t being macho, lol.



If you happen to be coming to Lexington and you see us (me and the car, I mean) let us know you’re there or have stopped by! And May The Horse Be With You!

pink pony


One Response to “Celebrating Horses Art Car”

  1. Dude – that is SO Burning Man. 😉 Groovy.

    Plus, you’ll be able to spot your car in the sure-to-be-massive parking lots at the Games.

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