WEG Scuttlebutt #1

There will a ton of ways to spend $ at the WEG

Attending the official events is expensive. It just is. You need to pay park admission, parking and then have a ticket for each individual competition event.

They’re experiencing a gap between projections and actual ticket sales. The title sponsor, Alltech, found itself handing over another million buckS last week to help pay for the non-volunteer staff needed to run the event. They had expected pre-event ticket sales to have generated that money. Hasn’t happened. This is a Major Event! Where’s the hoopla? So far most of what we’ve heard is about the pain, the price and the products.

Our Official friends at the WEG haven’t leveraged the FREE social media available to us all to create meaningful buzz. Oh they’re tweeting marketing and consumer activities – but there’s been precious little fun and interesting information to accompany the barrage of advertisements. You know how when the Olympics are coming we get access to the personal stories of the competitors? Their struggles and the obstacles they’ve overcome? I thought we’d be getting some of that by now with who’s coming to Lexington. But I’m not seeing it. I love inspirational stories and I’m sure these Games are filled with them – but where are they being told?

So me and the rest of the general public are left thinking all who are coming to play in these Games are a bunch of rich people with no problems on very expensive horses. I don’t think that’s altogether true – because I follow some of the back stories of the annual Three Day Eventing competitors and some of them drive up in their own bedraggled trailers and sleep in friend’s houses during their three day run. You know what? Those are the people I can most relate to. I want to hear about them. I want to know what they’ve gone through to get here. I want to root for them and their horses meaningfully!

Well for all this bellyachin’ I still think once they start up – excitement will grow and this whole shebang will be a success despite itself. Why? Beause we horse lovers will make it so. 🙂


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    Kentucky’s Most anticipated Equine Trade Fair Opens September 24

    GEORGETOWN, KY – SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 – Mark your calendar. It’s only 17 days away!

    The Georgetown Equine Expo, one of the most anticipated consumer trade shows of the year, will gallop into town on September 24.

    Presented by Kentucky International Equine Expo, LLC, the GEE will run from September 24 to October 10 at the Factory Stores of America at 401 Outlet Drive in Georgetown, KY – less than five miles from the Kentucky Horse Park.

    This exciting fair will be open from Noon to 10 pm daily and will feature over 60 national and international equine vendors, all located under the unique “Big Top Tents.”

    In addition, the GEE will bring some of the nation’s leading clinicians, guest speakers, and performers to Georgetown for 17 days of seminars, nightly entertainment, and world-class shopping.

    Admittance to the Expo is free and more than 900 parking spaces will be available on site.

    “The GEE was designed to showcase local, regional, and international equine businesses,” said KIEE founder and director Summer Frost. “We know the expo will provide not only fabulous entertainment and shopping, but also a solid revenue stream to the city of Georgetown, Scott County, and the State of Kentucky.”

    The event is proudly sponsored by Georgetown Community Hospital, LEX-18, Travelhost of the Bluegrass, Belterra Casino Resort & Spa, Stetson Hat and Boot Company, Kensington Protective Products, AIM Ministries, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, and the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Association.

    Affordable Fun for the Whole Family

    There will be something for everyone at GEE, even if you a not a horse owner or rider. Other highlights of the fair include:

    • Buffalo TC’s Wild West Adventure Show,
    • The Best of Kentucky food tent,
    • The Festival of the Horse parade participation,
    • Free Pony rides featuring champion Palamino min Fabio and Pony of America Peppermint Patty,
    • The Mustang Mania art exhibition,
    • Renowned clinicians and guest speakers daily.

    Frost adds that a number of worthy charities will also benefit from proceeds of the GEE. These charities include the Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, Old Friends, the Thoroughbred Retirement Facility based in Georgetown, and The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.

    Special fundraising events for each charity will be held throughout the Expo. See the website (www.georgetownequineexpo.com) for a complete list.

    Nights of Buffalo-Roping Thrills

    Each evening the Georgetown Equine Expo will treat spectators to an equine-themed spectacular for the whole family, headlined by Buffalo TC’s Wild West Adventure, starring Harvey Wallbanger, Jr., a 3,000-pound riding, roping, and fire-jumping buffalo.

    TC Thorston, Harvey’s rider and owner, is a five- time World Champion Cowboy Mounted Shooter and will also be giving daily mounted-shooting demonstrations.

    Other performers include the Northern Arizona Native American Hopi Indian Tribe Hoop Dancers, The Glory Riders Texas Drill Team, Legends and Champions of the West, Annie Oakley, and WhipSlinger, the world famous whip artist.

    The two-hour performances begin each night at 7 pm. Matinees will be held at 2 pm on Saturday Sept. 25 and Sunday Oct. 10. Gates open 30 minutes before all show times.

    Tickets are available now – $20 for adults, $10 for children under 12. There is no charge for kids under 5-years-of-age. Discounted advance-purchase tickets are available via the website at http://www.georgetownequineexpo/tickets.html or by calling the ticket hotline at 859- 492-3630.

    Advance tickets can also be purchased at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism office. Group sales of 10 or more and VIP seats are also available. Please call 859-492-3630.

  2. Have you read “Made to Stick,” by Chip and Dan Heath? There’s a story in there about how ABC Sports’s Roone Aldredge came up with the idea of involving folks in the games by showing the locales and presenting profiles of the players. That is missing here.

    Plus, the closer we get to the Games, the more I’m reminded of Davis Cup Cincinnati almost 30 years ago. Colossally famous players were in town, like John McEnroe and Arthur Ashe, but the ticket prices were so high that the locals developed a “bah humbug” attitude and stayed away in droves. I was tagging along with my husband who was on the TV crew and all the footage shot of game play showed empty stands.

  3. You are SO right Rhonda. There are stories out the whazoo I’m sure and I want to hear them – but WEG officials just keep trying to sell us stuff instead. Don’t they >get< how if they show us stuff and prove they acre – we will organically be interested in what they have to sell? Man, are they missing the carriage on this one, IMO.

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  5. Monica Bretherton Says:

    I just found your blog while looking for something else WEG related, so excuse my barging in like this, but I do so agree with your distress over the endless press releases on the sponsors and precious little else…

    If you want the kind of coverage you are talking about, it is going to be at the grass roots level – that means you, me and other horse bloggers.

    I have done at least two profiles of endurance riders on my blog and I am finishing another:



    Merri Melde has done a couple of the U.S. endurance riders at endurance.net.

    I used Facebook and email to contact riders rather than going through “official” channels.

    Granted, endurance riding is a pretty accessible sport – but so is Eventing, at least compared to FEl Dressage, and there’s a lot more public information on the riders.

    So write something!

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