Witnessing Grace

Yesterday my goofy black and white paint and I attended a half day clinic together. It was after we got to play and go through our paces for several hours and things were winding down that my attention was called to a private continuation in the round pen between our instructor, Ms. Shelby Hume, and one of our fellow-partnerships from the clinic who had remained unmounted during the afternoon’s exercises.

The small, beautifully proportioned and unusually marked dun with stripes on his legs was standing quietly at the mounting block while Shelby and the horse’s partner went through the usual pre-flight checks. The gentle bending, a soft eye, a calm attitude, were obvious in both team members. She was invited to test the waters and swing a leg up. All good. And then her whole self. Viola! And they walked off. Absolutely nothing to it. Routine, right?

But the rider wasn’t happy. She was fighting back tears. No, wait, she was happy. She was beyond happy. This was her first time on this horse. Likely his first rider ever. He was rescued from the Kentucky Equine Humane Center. She couldn’t put the feeling into words at first. But I know this feeling.

first time rider

The author on her paint for his first ride ever

I experienced the exact same reaction the first time I got up on MuMu. I also couldn’t describe it at first.

But when I thought about I think what I was feeling, the mustang’s rider was feeling too, is a moment of ultimate and complete Grace. The coming together of hopes, dreams, plans, hard work, attention to detail and the natural willingness to cooperate of another species that could just as easily fly off and say “NO!”, but doesn’t. Doesn’t choose to. Chooses to stay with us and complete this journey. For me it is the moment of knowing that all things are connected, can cooperate, might even choose to do so that chokes me up, allows me to feel a healthy humility and experience grace firsthand.


5 Responses to “Witnessing Grace”

  1. Barbara Warner Says:

    Wonderful !! I wonder where the mustang was from ?
    They are beautiful horses and very intelligent but thay are being wiped out. Please visit http://www.wildhorsepreservation.org and http://www.theCloudFoundation.org for the truth. Also call the Subcommittee on Public Lands at 202-226-7736 and ask that the roundups be stopped. A congressional investgation of the BLM needs to be done. Ask our senators and reps . to have one. Call the White House too at 202-456-1111 and object to the deadly roundups.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that, it’s wonderful!! Keep us posted on your progress…

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central

  3. Thanks – we’ll add that blog to our reader, too!

    Parelli Central

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