WegWag is Ready for the World

As I write this we’re now less than three months away from the Opening Ceremonies for the World Equestrian Games here in Lexington Kentucky. I formed this blog about two years ago in anticipation of these games and in the interim have been keeping abreast of some of the activities as they’ve been unfolding towards this happy time. I’ve been volunteering for test events and becoming involved on the sidelines wherever I could. I’ve seen some meltdowns from within the event structure and been privy to tales of even more. But I’m purposefully keeping off to the side so I don’t get caught up in the vortex swirling around the high anticipation surrounding these games. In fact I’ve found that what I’m really interested in is how these events are going to impact horses themselves and those who love them. So today I’m posting a video that speaks to the women who follow my posts who might turn to this blog and my videos for topics that might otherwise not be visible during the hoopla, pomp and circumstance. I love you fellow horse appreciators and I do all of this for the both of us.


8 Responses to “WegWag is Ready for the World”

  1. How absolutely beautiful! I’m going to pass this along to those horsey women who will love it as much as I did. Thanks!

  2. Love it! I’m getting excited to participate at whatever level I’m called to, and will be attending a volunteer training session tonight. You’ve given me even more impetus to go!

  3. Barbara Warner Says:

    Terrific job !!! Love the pics.
    I don’t ride any more but I still enjoy my 6 horses including another wild horse mare I rescued from slaughter–now have 3. One is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen .
    Now there are more roundups than ever pushing our wild horses to the brink of extinction. Visit http://www.theCloudFoundation.org for actions and updates and http://www.americanherds.blogspot.com/ for lots of info.

  4. Fabulous Marti! You capture the feeling! love it!

  5. Love it! Delightfully done!

  6. Thanks for the kind words. I so believe in the mythic power between women and horses. I have been personally uplifted and improved through my own interactions with equines for sure I have been blessed to witness it with others too. They are amazing inhabitants of this earth that seem to have a direct access to other realms.

  7. Beautiful video. My reactions were interesting. My mind knows this is a world-class competitive event. Up-close-and-personal doesn’t exactly go with that kind of magnitude, After all, those of us who’ve lived in KY know the “go to the Kentucky Derby and never saw a horse all day” jokes/reality. But there are tears in my eyes, and I want to believe.

  8. “As you believe, So it becomes. “.

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