Horus the Horse Part 3

Horse Mania Art Project

By Shirley Gentry – special to WegWag!

Black Horse

Horus gleams at Fortune Collision & Paint Centre. Wow! What a difference! He is ready for surface decoration.

Monday, June 7.  Nick calls Charlie from the body shop. Horus’ spa treatment is taking longer than anticipated. He will have to ask some of his co-workers to help with the sanding. Charlie authorizes the expense.

We can pick up Horus Thursday morning, not Wednesday. I call my part-time employer, the Paris Stockyard, and tell them I will not be able to work the cattle sale on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 8.   Time to start creating the Horus Hostel, his next temporary home. This is the front hall of our home, where he will be painted. The first step is to remove the lint, pet hair, mud, Charlie’s tools and my costume making materials. So, how much of that can there be? What do you mean there is an air compressor and laundry basket of sequins by your front door? Well, I have made 10 costumes in the past three months, we have two (constantly shedding) dogs and two cats, and after a year of occasional construction, a repair on the front porch was recently completed. The front hall has been a receptacle for all related tools and construction/sewing materials. Swiffer? That’s for city girls. We farm women consider a ShopVac to be a house cleaning necessity.

Wednesday, June 9.  Free Horus!

I am ready to implode. I want my horse! There are photos of other artist’s completed horses in print, and today I visited another horse near completion. I have yet to take the first brush stoke.

The Eye of Horus is upon you. Yep. That is what that particular decoration is really called. It was a protective device in ancient Egypt. The marking on his forehead is an Ankh, and is the symbol of life. The paint job is a work in progress. Charlie suggests I create an explanation of Horus’ Egyptian symbols and their significance.

To make today a productive day, I purchase more, higher quality, acrylic paint. A trip to the Kentucky Horse Park’s new exhibit, “A Gift from the Desert” shows a few artifacts from Egypt on display. None of the really interesting bits shaped like snakes or horses are from Egypt, though. I spend several hours looking at books with pictures of ancient Egyptian artwork and horse equipment. The design is already established, and has been since January. The photos help keep me focused (and quiet.) Horse Mania? Can’t say much more about the Horse part, but your Maniac, er, Mania, is right here.

At 8:40 pm Nick texts Charlie from the body shop and includes photos of Horus’ gleaming black hide. We can pick him up in the morning. The stress level in our home diminishes significantly.

Thursday, June 10: Horus is beautiful! He shines and sparkles, his re-worked fiberglass body is blemish free, at least to my untrained eye. Previously he had raggedy hoof walls, looking like he had missed his last three farrier appointments while living in a rocky pasture. No more. He is a far better horse for the time spent at the body shop. Estimating Nick’s professional contributions at 35 hours, his boss, Todd, praises the work he has done on Horus, and donates the paint used in his finish. I am thrilled! The men at Fortune Collision who helped Nick will be satisfied if I pick up the tab for their lunch. Everyone has been very generous and supportive of this project. It is just great, and much appreciated.

Nick shows me how to sand Horus’ entire body before painting. I cringe at the prospect of marring his brilliant black hide, but it must be done. The entire surface must be roughed up so that the final clear coat and painted surface decoration will adhere to the black base coat. Load up the trailer, home we go, and install Horus in our version of the “paint booth”, the front hall.

Horus is sanded twice and wiped down after each treatment, which Charlie thinks is funny. You have to start somewhere, so Horus tries on a horse costume which allows me to get an idea of where the design details will lie. The painting begins. At some point I realize that I have made Horus one of my horse costumes, it is just created in paint rather than fabric (and sequins.)

Saturday, June 12.  I wake up at 4:00 am, dreaming about painting. I get up and continue to do just that. Later, I request a two-day extension on delivery date from Tony Aros at LexArt. It will be granted. During Horus’ stay, my life consists solely of painting, and husband and animal care.

Monday, June 14, 2010. The surface decoration is complete. Horus is spending the evening letting his paint cure. I estimate about 45 to 50 hours spent painting since Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow he ships back to the body shop for his clear coat.

Late breaking news: due to the construction currently in progress in downtown Lexington, the Horse Mania installation has been delayed until July 14.


6 Responses to “Horus the Horse Part 3”

  1. Barbara Warner Says:

    Can’t wait until Horus is finished . ! Whew–aren’t you glad you have more time !

  2. Horus looks fantastic! Best of luck with him. Your blog brings a smile to everyone here at Parelli Central. Great blog, and your Horsenality illustration is great! Keep up the good work!


    Parelli Central

  3. Thanks! Making the Parelli team smile is a HUGE accomplishment! Full disclaimer though – on the Horse Mania project, this is my friend Shirley Gentry’s work. She’s been sending emails with her progress and graciously has allowed me to re post them here.

  4. Please send our praise to Shirley! Fantastic work! Does she have an web site displaying her work?


    Parelli Central

  5. Hi Jen:
    Looks like I managed to confuse you, lol. The painted fiberglass horse posts are from emails my friend Shirley is sending – all the other WegWag posts and most of the art and videos therein are mine, including the “Horseanality” painting you mentioned. My work is available in a variety of formats at: http://www.martimcginnis.com
    Savvy on!

  6. Hi Marti,
    Ah, gotcha. You are busy! Yes, we did love your Horsenality paintings, very cute.
    We will check back often to see new works!


    Parelli Central

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