Wanna have a Fanciful Equine Species Named After YOU?

Howdy gang. It’s me, Marti, your WegWag hostess and in case I haven’t made in clear to you in my many sidebars and updates I’m an artist. I guess that’s why I have time to do a blog – artists are all a bunch of lazy gad abouts who do nothing so well as avoid doing their own work. I’m no different, except this time I’ve got a project even I’m too excited about to not get to work on. It’s a book. But not just any book. Oh no no no. This book is a compendium art book jammed full of colorful illustrations, maps, paintings and collages depicting the inhabitants of a happy land known as HapiLani. Here, look:

But best of all this book could very easily include a beautifully conceived fanciful depiction of you (or a loved one or a whole group of loved ones, people, pets, etc) representing an entire species in this far off imaginary land. Far off? Imaginary? Not if we say it’s not. As a dreamland or land of dreams quantum science is proving proximity is relative and nearness = farness at the particle level. So my friends for as little as $5 you can help this place get proven real and for a bit more you can be included in the thing and get an original piece of art to accompany this support. Here are the full details! http://tinyurl.com/hapilani

The HapiLani advert

Clcik to see the project description

Fanciful HapiLani equine species

Yep you too could become a beautiful (or funny or unicorny) equid of HapiLani!

All proceeds from this art book will help me run EquineConnection.org the global network I’ve created to bring together equine advocates from all over the globe or right down the street. I’m big into sharing happiness, folks – but not every business I trade with accepts good will – so help me help you and all those needy horses equine rescuers work to save. See how connected this all is? See how you’ll be playing an important role?  Good for us! Good for HORSES! Good for you!


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