Forever Homes

Once a year in Lexington, Kentucky for the past three Aprils an event has been pulled together on behalf of one of the more famous of all the residents ever to retire at the Kentucky Horse Park. The John Henry Memorial Adoption Fair is a celebration designed to bring together organizations who rehome horses of all breeds with candidates for a wonderful new friend.

John Henry was an amazing race horse with a personality as large as his winnings. Ok, he wasn’t necessarily the nicest horse in the barn – but his presence drew fans from all four corners of the globe. When he died some of the more visionary of the administrators at the Horse Park decided to lend his name to an event designed to benefit horses maybe a little less fortunate than the old equine codger. While his old bitey self is sorely missed – the adoption event that bears his name continues the gentler side of his enduring legacy.

Present this year were thoroughbred, standardbred and all-breed rescues from around the Bluegrass. Molly the Three Legged Pony even made an appearance on behalf of these rescues. It was a joyous day as many of the horses in this video connected with a loving human.


One Response to “Forever Homes”

  1. Barbara Warner Says:

    Looks like a good turnout, Marti.
    Lily, the rescued mustang mare , is doing well. At least the killers didn’t get this one.

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