Sunny Perfect Day at Keeneland

Keeneland thoroughbred race course in Lexington, Kentucky is among the world’s more beautiful places on a fresh, sunny spring day. The horses are spirited, sleek and fit, and the people are at their colorful best. While there can be said to be much to be worked on to ensure a better long term life for a thoroughbred race horse – on a perfect spring day doing what they were born to do these horses might be, for this moment, at a pinnacle of their lives — winners and non-winners alike. After all, everyone gets to go back to the barn for sweet hay and molasses oats.

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One Response to “Sunny Perfect Day at Keeneland”

  1. Easter Sunday with the help of some horse buddies a mustang mare was saved from Sugar Creek ‘s kill pen. She will be coming home as soon as her Coggins is back on Friday. I can’t wait !! You all can come to see her anytime you want to with my other 2 I rescued .
    How about another protest ???

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