Bearing Witness – the Compassion of a Dedicated Horseman

Every so often a Facebook friend I have and admire greatly attends a livestock auction near where he works. He exercises thoroughbred race horses for a living. He also celebrates these horses he so loves by making posts about them on his blog, his Facebook page and by noting their achievements 140 characters at a time through his backstretch trackside tweets.

Alex Brown is an empathetic guy. For example, on his own time he teaches backstretch workers how to use the internet to keep these green card bearers in the informational loop. But maybe the most telling thing about his character is how every so often he attends the OLEX livestock auction in Kitchener, Ontario. This horse appreciator makes himself experience this periodic buying and selling of horses and reports to whatever portion of the global audience will listen the day’s selling rate in dollars per pound – the meat prices of:

  • trotters + pacers
  • the fancy gaited
  • backyard buddies + ‘lawn ornaments’
  • ex-champions
  • 4-H projects whose children grew up + moved away
  • purple, blue, red, yellow, green, white and no ribbon winners in every discipline
  • and every other ‘unwanted’ horse
  • the unlucky ones

Alex loves horses and this experience tears him up. But he does it faithfully so we who will listen can not say we don’t know what’s going on. It is an amazing act of love. This horseman, this rider who conditions top level thoroughbreds in their prime keeps an eye on where they, too, may wind up. Not because he’s callous. Not because he doesn’t care or isn’t concerned or feeling helpless. He does it because he has made it one of his duties in life to bear witness so we who also treasure these beings may know the truth.

Every so often Horsemen For Humanity is able to buy one of these unlucky horses and give them new hope. A thorough two-sided look at this issue is available here. The gist of it is – perhaps slaughtering horses is more of a symptom and less of a core issue. Maybe there’s simply too much breeding going on with not enough accountability. Alex has created an extensive online wiki of information surrounding legislative attempts to solve this problem. People are making inroads – but the going is slow and the field could use better information coordination.

logoWhich is why was created! It’s a free-to-use all new online community solely  for horse rescue and well-being, has just been launched to help bring people together to discuss and solve issues like this. It’s all free. Join today and add your heart and voice to these issues. Together we will solve these difficult issues. Alex Brown reports the meat prices of these big willing companions so we can be reminded in real time how this activity doesn’t square with what most of us would consider a compassionate end for those who once were someone’s meal ticket, hope, dream…friend.


4 Responses to “Bearing Witness – the Compassion of a Dedicated Horseman”

  1. redskin81 Says:

    We must get better organized to end horse slaughter. We need to get the word out to a larger audience. Hopefully, this organization will be a step in that direction. We are up against very strong and well-moneyed proslaughter lobbyists but we must keep speaking for the horses. I make myself read and look at the pictures that Alex posts whenever he visits OLEX. It hurts deeply and I will never forget the ones we have not been able to save. But I don’t want to. I want to remember and save others in their memories. Let’s get going and organize through central databases the rescue organizations and get shippers centralized with supplemented funds to transport the rescues. If we all become as well organized as the proslaughter faction, we can win this battle and our horses will be safe.

  2. To organize better is exactly the purpose of It’s the community for horse rescue and well-being. It’s free to join and use. Please sign up today and become involved!

  3. Please note the last part is graphic but needed as Steve explains in brief detail of all aspects. Janet sunt me an email today and also said to me this video is having a great affect…It ties into the Rodeos and why they support it..
    The video clearly indicates there need for slaughter and the graphic part shows of Rodeo horses in the boxes as they are ready to burst out as they have at rodeos..
    It breaks my heart and I do tear up so please be strong and pass it on…
    Steve is NOT a wolf in sheeps clothing he exposes the truth..
    Rodeo Horses Slaughtered for Profit (Graphic) the Knowledge of Horse Slaughter be Exposed and then Abolished……

  4. Alex Brown is a reporter in the truest, purest sense of the word.

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