2-1/2 Minute Trail Ride

There are elements to my life that are the epitome of good fortune and I am grateful for them to the highest degree. So with this post I share a recent of one these events by giving you a rider’s eye view of a trail ride experience through some of the beautiful trails at Mammoth Cave National Park. Your mount is an intrepid Rocky Mountain horse who is the companionable steed of a good friend’s very fortunate young daughter. How lucky to share this pleasant fellow’s accompanying hoofbeats on this wander through the rocky trails and trees of southeastern Kentucky on a beautiful fall day. The music is a ditty by Leo Kotke. Giddyup!

Freedom Pony Painting

Freedom Pony Painting


One Response to “2-1/2 Minute Trail Ride”

  1. Marina Post Says:

    I loved the view, and the timing with the soundtrack was impeccable. The ending with the filtered light was breathtaking.

    I only wish the music were a bit softer so I could hear those feet clopping and the birds singing! I guess I need to take that as a sign that I want to see this for myself! Hah!

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