Mini Horse Enjoys Louisville Art Car Show 2009

Every year the Kentucky Museum of Art + Crafts throws a big huge party for Art Cars out in front of their facility. Artists drive in for the 3 day extravaganza from points near and far parking on Main Street from Thursday through Saturday in an assortment of some of the hippest, far-outingest, wackiest vehicles you ever did see! From a van encrusted in cheap bronze statuary, an antique rounded beauty lovingly dipped in copper pennies, a sedan of some kind painted with daisies and my little situation: The Lucky Pony Transport:

The Lucky Pony Transport

The Lucky Pony Transport

Living out ‘in the sticks’ as I do, it’s always fun to get off the farm and go mingle with like-minded crazies. I have a miniature horse who is gregarious and fearless and since we are headed for a side career of visiting people in facilities to cheer them up I figured this would be an excellent experience for the little dude to get under his surcingle so to speak.

Me and io get ready to go

Me and io get ready to go

This event never fails to energize me! This year Art Car guru, Harrod Blank made the trek all the way from his home base in Berkely, CA. So, too, did some folks from Art Car World in Arizona, as well as from Oregon, Kansas Indiana and elsewhere (couldn’t talk to everybody – I had a mini horse on the end of my arm pulling me here and there). I did manage to get some footage of the experience and present it to you herewith:

So you see? You can have fun with horses AND express yourself and can even do these two wonderful things at the same time! I made a painting to commemorate the fun I had. I call it “Horsing Around With a Car”. Click it to see it for sale on Etsy!

Horsing Around With a Car!

Horsing Around With a Car!


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