If you love horses and watching horsemanship performed in an exquisite setting then make it a point to attend a performance of Cavalia. This equine centered artistic semi-circus arts extravaganza has a Renaissance feel with a decidedly modern flair. The atmosphere is rarified in this gorgeous setting and you will thrill to be in the presence of so many horse appreciators.

Horse whispering Cavalia styyle

Horse whispering Cavalia styyle

The horses themselves are almost other worldly and their human partners competent to downright amazing. The pacing is carefully set to almost mimic the experience of finding familiarity with horses – and highlights much at-liberty free work. Though the horse whipsering is somewhat staged and less than pure (hey — this is a show after all!) and the haute ecole riding is not of the highest caliber together technically, you have to award points for sheer beauty (costumes, grooming, stage, lighting, music) so as a whole it all comes together to present a portrait of the horse-human bond that occupies our myths, our dreams and for many of us our very souls. Now playing in Chicago info here.


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