Art Under the Influence of Horses!

Tobacco Barn as Atelier

Tobacco Barn as Atelier

I have enjoyed making art in places as exciting as the rough and tumble inner city of Chicago to a windswept lavender scented hilltop in southern France — from a rain soaked bamboo hut in the rural inland of Fiji to a picnic table by my parked van in the southernmost campsite in the contiguous United States. But I think I had the best time I’ve ever had in an old tobacco barn in the bluegrass region of Kentucky.

For two weeks this summer I, hostess here at WegWag, took all my paints into the finely weathered and notably airy old barn that serves as the shelter for my three equines for some creative output. I went out early every morning, got the horses in and tended to and then I’d have at it for the next 9-10 hours. With my iPod blaring out audio books of entertaining variety (more on one in particular later this week) or music we’d all jam to – I earnestly applied brush to canvas in a way I thought I had lost five years ago.

Miniature horse by rather large painting

"No Dreamer Too Small - No Dream Too Big"

Since moving here about five years ago I’ve struggled with reclaiming my artistic voice. But under the wtahcful eyes of MuMu, Coho and Io I seem to have rediscovered and re-embraced what I’m good at — fun-tooned whimsical images.

Did my mostly happy-go-lucky equines influence me? Have a look at the video below and decide for yourself. I was sad for the 14 days to be over – it was like a vacation or two week workshop where I found solace in positive energy was coming to a decided end, but with such a great feeling leftover I know I will schedule another creative party soon. Heck I’m even gonna have an art opening in the barn to celebrate with some local pals before the end of the summer!

All of the pieces can be seen in more detail and many are still available at

Double-Positive Influence on Blue Pony

Double-Positive Influence on Blue Pony


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