How Horses Influence the Artist

For me, being with horses and learning their ways is a whole art form in and of itself and I could spend a lifetime — even several lifetimes — immersed in these studies of things equine. Before I moved to the “Horse Capital of the World”, the bluegrass region of Kentucky, I lived in the ultra urban, decidedly non-equine environs of inner city Chicago and ultimately one of its outlying regions along the lake producing HappyArt. Though horses were rare, occasionally I would be lucky enough to see one pulling a carriage along Michigan Avenue or swaying along in his trailer as it flowed through town along with all the rest of the passing-through interstate traffic.

There are a million small reasons why I haven’t made much art lately — and I made a video short to celebrate and call attention to these in preparation for my at-home (in-barn) sabbatical. If I’m successful and my muse figures out where to find me, then I’ll post a gallery of images later on here in this blog with an “Art in the Barn” show to follow. Me? I gotta have goals! Or all those other things claim my attention and my art gets eaten by horses, dogs, business, flowers, dishes, cooking, causes, friends… know what I mean.

Since moving here I have jumped into the arena of equine delights and all but abandoned my prior artsy fartsy lifestyle. Well, I’m still creative, but I’m aching to get back into the studio to painting some paintings and otherwise give form and substance to new visions in the form of actual (not digital) pieces. I have scheduled two weeks out of my computer arts studio and out into the earthy aisle of my barn where I’ve set up a drawing table where our horses will witness whatever results next. I have new paint, fresh pencils, canvases and those 14 days to let whatever wants to happen. The only hard rule I am setting forth is I have to be creative there for at least as long per day as I usually sit at my computer screens. Uh oh — my feet are gonna get tired!


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