Crazed Stallions Spar

In nature often the best way to ensure that only the fittest animals survive to procreate is played out by potential patriarchs engaging in ferocious battles. In the world of equus this manifests as battles between stallions. Though it may not be to the death – the fighting can end with the lesser successful male becoming debilitated by his injuries never to fight — or reproduce — again. It is a tough world as this video shows. This piece is not for the squeamish as will become obvious as soon as the music starts.

I put myself in harm’s way for your enlightenment and edification. That’s how much I care about you!


2 Responses to “Crazed Stallions Spar”

  1. This is a riot!!!! Who’s the other macho guy fighting with Io?

    • Christine’s little dude, Dover. They’ve been semi-raised together so this was all show and blow after a long hiatus — they were very delighted to see, kick and bite each other again. 🙂

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